Toto Ultramax ii Review – Buying Guide [2021]

toto ultramax ii review

The toilet market is full of various toilet products. Many companies are manufacturing toilets and toilet parts.

If you are seeking a toilet, you must pick a quality one. Otherwise, you cannot get your desired satisfaction.

But the problem is, your option is limited. Very few companies are producing a good class toilet.

Toto Ultramax ii Review

In the toilet market, this is one of the best toto toilet items. It is well-recognized and a premium toilet. You can rely on it.

The Toto is bringing more than a dozen models. Those models are super in class. Among all those models the TOTO Ultramax II is one of the attractive toilets.

This is a one-piece smooth curved toilet. The flush is single, and lever operated. The bowl is elongated in design. The soft close seat, adjusted height, and the elongated bowl make it an ADA compliant.

The incredible thing is it saves water. It is a low water consumption item. The GPF is 1.28. So it achieved the water sense certificate.

The flexible installing, smooth cleaning and simple maintenance make it a trustable toilet product. These toilets actively treat wastage.

Its superb properties are the main attraction to the buyers. So let’s have a detailed look at the product:

Toto ultramax ii installation:

This object is offering you a single-piece set-up. This is taking less time and saves you from labor cost. You need just two bolts to install it.

So the total setting process is very affordable. Comparatively, it is cleaner than any two-piece system.

Elongated Design

The elongated design is very modern and sleek. This design makes handling easy. There is less possibility of clogging and flooding.

It maintains the health expert’s suggestion and makes the item user-friendly. The model is entirely suitable for everyone, especially for the old and injured people.

This can actively prevent injuries such as hip pain, knee pain, and back pain. The design will help you to stand up and sit down quickly.

Water Efficiency

Toto Ultramax II toilet uses less water. It uses 1.28 Gallons per flush; these are quite impressive considering its force. The makers of this beauty have been considerate enough to make sure that no water spills. It doesn’t waste any water.

Universal height

TOTO UltraMax II comes with a universal height. Most models are suitable for all kinds of users, including seniors and kids.

The universal height model allows for a comfortable seating position for most users. TOTO UltraMax II one-piece toilet is also convenient to use and won’t become a hassle even for mobility issues.

Powerful flushing

The TOTO UltraMax II comes with an efficient and powerful flushing technology. It saves water waste in the end, so you don’t need to pay high on water utility bills.

It has a hole-free rim design along with two nozzles. This innovative design can create a centrifugal washing action to assist in the bowl rinsing and more efficiently. It also reduces cleaning times and your spending on harsh chemicals.

Flushing arrangement

The Toto always has a good impression of its great flush. The Ultramax model is offering you a significant flushing operation.

This is delivering you double cyclone flush. This mechanism needs two nozzles. Those nozzles create a strong centrifugal force. So each flush becomes a strong waste remover.

The water comes from the three inches flush valves. Those are set in different places.

One is passed by the siphon jet. The rest of the two, passed by the nozzles.

The nozzles conserve more water than the bowl and the rim. There is no hole in the rim. That’s why it becomes simple to clean.

Soft close:

The seat is soft close. So it is very comfortable. Everyone can deal with this. The soft feelings make the toilet experience better.

Low Consumption:

Another noticeable fact, it is a water-saving object. It uses 1.28-gallon water for each flush. By this way, it minimizes the uses of water.

Large glazed:

It helps to prevent sticking. The size is quite large. It is more than 2 inches. This trap way removes the bacteria and germs. Those bacteria are responsible for corrosion. No dirt and germs stick on the toilet bowl surface.


Because of the active flush, the dirt cannot stay in the bowl. The toilet includes Sana gloss finish. It is handy for removing the dirt spot and bad odor. So the toilet remains cleaner for a long period.


The toilet has various colors. But the cotton white is more popular.
Every color comes with a stylish washroom posture.

Toto ultra max ii specs:

Design: Elongated design
One-piece toilet
Soft-close seat
Flushing system: Double Cyclone
GPF: 1.28

Pros and Cons:

It is a very powerful flushing toilet. It utilizes limited water. The cleaning, maintenance is not any difficult task. The advanced mechanism makes it an ideal toilet brand.

Sometimes it faces too many stupid germs. They hide on the surface. Removing them becomes difficult.

Toto ultra max ii vs. Drake ii:


The Toto is costlier than drake. But you need to realize that Toto is offering a lot of fancy features. The Toto is comparatively more effective.

So it is natural, this item will be costly. To get a good feature item, you have to spend a bit.

Colour combination:

The Toto has five color options. On the opposite side, the drake has only four colors.


As a one-piece toilet, the Toto is pure to maintain and clean. The support of drake is also easy but not more than Toto. No, you cannot ignore the drake quality. This has excellent properties and feasibilities.

But when you need to choose between the Toto and drake, the Toto is a better catch. Comparatively the Toto is a little bit ahead of the market competition.

Toto Ultramax 1 vs. 2:

The Ultramax changed the concept of as usual toilets. If there is a compare between the two models, it is difficult to give a suggestion.

You need to know that Ultramax 2 comes with several unique features. So you can get an extra benefit from the Ultramax model.

Why I choose a Toto Ultramax toilet?

Most of the Toto toilets boast heated seats. It offers a bidet function for a rear cleanse and an air-purifying system that deodorizes when use. It doesn’t require any toilet paper. Most of the model provides the seat lifts and closes automatically.


Overall, it is an extraordinary type of toilet. It includes every essential mechanism. This also provides some additional features that give the user a satisfactory experience.

For your washroom, you can apply this marvelous model. This can change your previous experience. You will enjoy better comfort and get a long-lasting service. Thanks for reading Toto Ultramax ii Review.

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