Round Vs Elongated Toilet

No modern home can function without a perfect toilet. The round and elongated shape is the most used toilet shape available on the market. Both are most comfortable, convenient, and prettiest. But most people have a common question that round vs. elongated toilet, what is best for them?

It is the most challenging thing for homeowners when picking a flushing toilet. They might need to decide between round and elongated toilets. There are some similarities and differences in different aspects. This article will discuss the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the two types of toilets to find what is best for you.

Round Toilet

A round bowl is the standard bowl found in residential homes. These are less expensive than the alternatives and take up less space in your bathroom. It is the right choice when you have a smaller bathroom or limited installation space for your toilet. These are shorter in length than elongated bowls. Its seat is also shorter than an elongated bowl. The round bowl is a little less comfortable than an elongated toilet. It is excellent for teenagers, children. Round toilet bowls are 16-1/2 inches long.


  • Traditional shape
  • Reasonable price
  • Saves space
  • Suitable for young children
  • combines with any decoration


  • Less comfortable
  • Not perfect for people with mobility issues
  • Difficult to clean
  • Not ideal for a large bathroom
  • weak flush

Elongated Toilet

An elongated bowl is usually found in commercial establishments and public restrooms. It is an ADA approved bowl and much longer than a round bowl. It requires a bit more space in the bathroom. Elongated bowls are 18.5 inches long and about the same width as round bowls.


  • It comes with a more comfortable seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful flush
  • It offers more sitting space
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Convenient for men, adults with a large body mass index


  • More expensive
  • Not perfect for children
  • Don’t fit in small bathrooms

Features to consider Rounds vs. Elongated Toilets:

Power of flush

Both toilets have different flushing systems. Some of the popular options include pressure-assisted, gravity, dual flush, double cyclone, and much more.

The elongated toilet offers a more powerful flushing mechanism than the round bowl toilets. If you want to buy a toilet that provides powerful flushing and water conservation, you should go for a toilet unit with an elongated bowl.


Manufacturers are continually pursuing cutting-edge additions to ensure both of these toilets are of a modern standard.

There are lots of toilet designs available on the market. You should consider the size and decor of your bathroom.

An elongated toilet unit is the best option for a large bathroom, and a round bowl toilet comes in handy for smaller bathrooms.


Elongated toilets are easy to clean compared to round bowl toilets. The elongated bowl in some brands offers less of an aperture around the bowl’s underside, making it more comfortable to get a brush to clean inside it.

Comfort design

When it comes to comfort, both round and elongated toilets differ from one another.

Elongated bowl toilets offer more sitting space. These are more comfortable for teens and adults.

If you have old ones in your home, a suitable comfortable high toilet with a round bowl is a perfect comfort choice.


It depends on the manufacturer, materials, type of flushing, features, and design.

Elongated models are more expensive than round bowl toilets because they use more material for their more extensive design and provide more powerful flushing mechanisms.

The round toilets are pretty affordable. Simple models are available with less price to compare an elongated model.

Space considerations

For small bathrooms, you should consider round bowl toilets. These toilets don’t take up more space as they measure 2-inches less than their elongated counterpart. But if you have a larger area, then the elongated bowl toilet is the best choice.

Can you replace an elongated toilet with a round toilet?

Yes, it is possible to install an elongated toilet around the shower. But, the comfort of the seat and function can be changing a little bit.

Does the flushing system matter in a toilet?

Yes, different flushing system offers various performances. Some are effective than others. Gravity flush is the loudest and most powerful flushing system. The dual flush mechanism provides silent flushing systems and helps you save water. So, it highly depends on your choice and how you want your toilet to perform.

Round toilet vs. elongated toilet

The toilet design you choose depends on several things, such as the available space for installation, comfort, cleaning, appearance, and price. Elongated bowl toilet designs are the modern additions in the market, and many people have started embracing them. They are comfortable and easy to maintain than round toilet bowls. The round toilet bowl designs are suitable for installing in small bathrooms. They are available at a reasonable price and are easy to install.

If comfort is what you’re looking for, you go for the elongated bowl design. If you have a small bathroom, then the round bowl toilet will be the ideal toilet for you. In our opinion, the pros significantly outweigh the cons.


We hope you have realized which is the best, either is the round or elongated toilet. These have many similarities and disparities in their features. Both of the two are great features; we can’t select a particular name for this reason. It depends on your preference and needs. But we believe that elongated is best between them.

If you have a small bathroom and want to save space, if you’re on a budget or have a child, get a round bowl.

If you have a larger bathroom and more to spend, if you want a modern toilet with unique features, or if anybody in your home has mobility problems, get an elongated bowl.

If you’re making a choice based on comfort, don’t overlook the height of the seat. Shorter seats are better for kids, while taller seats are more comfortable for men, older folks, and those with limited mobility.