Rheem vs. Ao Smiths Water Heater – Full comparison [2021]

rheem vs ao smithsA.O Smith and Rheem both of these two water heaters are great in quality.

These leading brands are highly effective and have massive popularity towards the end-users.

But which one should you prefer? It depends on your requirement. Both of these products are special in specific performance.

That’s why your first duty is finding the difference between the two brands.

A short overview of A.O Smith:

A.O Smith generates commercial and residential water heaters, storage tanks and boilers. Also, it is well known for manufacturing tankless, solar hybrid high-efficiency water heaters.

This traditional brand is highly demandable and a reliable name to the consumers. For its supper performance and efficiency, it holds the top position for several years.

A.O. Smith History:

In 1921 M.R. Oliver Smith formed this company. It developed new methods and techniques and made a revolutionary change in the water heating sectors. As a result, its fame and demand spread all over the world.

A short overview of Rheem:

Rheem is remarkable great for producing household water heater in the tank and tankless. The significant fact is it can work with the solar system very quickly.

Rheem heaters are available in various shape and size with a bunch of excellent properties. Each model is highly impressive for providing exceptional performance.

Rheem History:

This renowned item was first introduced at the end of 1925. The Richard and Donald Rheem the two brothers were the founder of this famous brand.

From the initial period of their business, they always think about users’ satisfaction and introduce a lot of innovative models with unique features.

In this content, we expressed the critical distinction between Rheem and A.O Smith with adequate information.

Rheem vs. Ao Smiths Water heater:

1. Gas and propane of A.O Smith vs. Rhyeem:

Gas heaters are widely used for its superb functionality and outstanding service. Considering the users’ requirement the famous brand A.O Smith has produced a couple of models that are available in the market now!

They segment it into three proline tires. The front two tires contain one line, and the third one remains multiple product lines.

A.O Smith always focuses on fulfilling LEED ratings to provide the highest level of efficiency with optimum quality. Each model has ultra-low or low NOX. For its fantastic performance, it gains the Energy star certificate.

On the other hand, Rheem comes with many lines of a gas water heater. These are available in 5 series. These deliver quite pleasant performance and highly environment-friendly.

2. Electric heaters of A.O Smith vs. Rhyeem:

Like the gas heaters, the electric heaters of A.O Smith are also available in 3 tires with several lines. Only the eco-friendly ingredients are applied as its raw materials.

That’s why it is 100 % safe and reliable enough for everyone. The most refreshing fact is every model is pretty compatible and easy fitting property. Even it can fit into the tightest space very quickly.

In my opinion, it’s Pro Line series is excellent in service. Also, the rest of the models are high in performance and satisfactory enough.

In terms of Rheem electric heaters, the most significant fact is its excellent compatibility and simple installation method. The entire set-up process needs less time and less effort.

Moreover, it is entirely a DIY process that is highly efficient and saves the labor cost!

It’s every model comes with double copper heating futures and maintains a satisfactory UEF rate. You will enjoy the fantastic emission system.

Also, leak detection and the arc recirculation mechanism are very impressive and highly effective. Additionally, these heaters are fully corrosion-proof, super withstand capability and extremely durable for long period use.

3. Tankless A.O Smith vs. tankless Rheem:

The maximum gasless A.O Smith models are tankless, and these are Ultra low or low NOX construction. The most significant advantage is these are pretty environment-friendly for its toxic-free ingredients.

You can play these with the solar system. Another fantastic fact is these are easy to fit. Even into the smallest and tiniest space, these can set easily. You will get a remote control facility that minimizes the manual activities.

The included digital display helps to read out the accurate date and information very quickly.

Overall, you will get a pleasant performance, and you can use it for an extended period for its super strong character.

On the other hand, Rheem tankless are great for providing the highest level of efficiency. Also, I noticed that it has a long lifespan and highly stable under rough weather condition.

It has a massive range of UEF ratings. It is pretty safe for the environment, and the operation is relatively simple and user-friendly. It is suitable for running with the solar system that economizes the electric cost perfectly.

The most significant achievement of tankless Rheem heater is it gains the LED certification that helps to catch the users` attention quickly.

4. Heater Parts of A.O. Smith Vs. Rheem:

The parts of A.O Smith heaters are removable, and the replacement system is straight-forward and takes less time. The most common replaceable parts are screw, gas thermostats, pilot assemblies, burners, thermocouples, anode rods, and valves.

A certain period later, you have to replace these mentioned parts that are available in the market at a cheap rate.

In Rheem, gas heaters have comparatively more changeable and replaceable parts than tankless heaters.

For proper maintenance, you should change the anode rods, valves, and burners regularly.

5. Manual guide of A.O Smith Vs. Rheem:

The instruction guide of A.O Smith is average in the class. But The Rheem presents an excellent and very informative guide. It briefly describes the installation instruction, maintenance tips, and the moving process.

Additional information about water heaters:

1. Water heater types:

It is classified into several categories. These are:

A. Storage tank
B. Tankless
C. Hybrid and
D. Solar

2. Installation system:

The set-up process is varying in the model to model, but the basic is quite similar. In my opinion, it is better to ask a plumber if you are not experienced enough.

3. Buying tips:

In the purchasing time, inspect the following things to pick the genuine product.

1. Capacity
2. Endurance limit
3. Compatibility and durability
4. Digital display
5. Price
6. Easy installation facility

How long will a Rheem water heater last?

Rheem water heaters included a 6-year warranty on parts & tank and a 1-year labor warranty. This warranty does not mean the unit will only last that long. If you maintain your water heater correctly, it gives a long lifespan of at least eight years.

Is AO Smith a good water heater?

A.O. Smith is a reliable and well-known brand in the water heater industry. It has come up with great innovative ideas to manufacture products that are high in quality and efficient in performance.

Which is better Bradford White or Rheem?

Rheem offers a wide variety of products compared to Bradford. Bradford and Rheem both water heaters require professional installation.  Rheem comes with less cost and can better meet individual and residential needs.

Is a tankless water heater worth it?

Electric or gas tankless water heater saves your money for long-lasting performance, but initial costs are much higher than other tank models. A gas water heater saves an average of $108 in energy costs per year over their traditional tank, while electric tankless heaters save $45 per year.

What are gas water heaters?

A gas water heater is an easy choice for energy savings, performance, durability, and reliability. This offers high energy efficiency and gives you long-lasting performance.

How long do instant water heaters last?

Instant water heaters are less exposed to water-based corrosion than regular water heaters. An old model or traditional water heater lasts about 12 years, and a tankless water heater lasts about 20 years.