kohler choreograph vs swanstone

Choreograph is Kohler’s most innovative shower wall collection, made from Serica materials. Serica is a composite material that is caused by mixing crushed stone and fiber strands under severe pressure. This exclusive mixture is very durable and looks quite attractive.

Swanstone provides solid surface materials. It is made of a mixture of acrylic and natural minerals. Acrylic makes the Swanstone is very durable and robust. These materials are completely waterproof, which makes them ideal for bathrooms.

Both come with innovative design and style. It is challenging to choose one option. Our article will help you to find the best wall kit for you.

What Are Design Options Available?

Swanstone shower wall kits come in 25 different colors, like grays, tans, and one dark blue. Some colors create the appearance of texture.

Few offer Crystal colors. These have a bit more texture and finished smooth. The pricing of these color options is correct in the middle of Swanstone’s range.

The Choreograph offers a wide selection. The wall panels come with different textures and colors.

For smooth walls, they provide six color options. All colors offer a matte finish. It is unique for bathtubs and easy to suit with any decor.

It also comes with an accent wall feature. These come in brick, hexagon, textures. Stix is a horizontal, rectangular pattern.

What material is Swanstone?

Swanstone comes with solid surface material. Swanstone is a compression-molded thermoset material made of a blend of polymer resins, fillers and reinforcement additives.

What materials are used to make a Kohler choreograph?

The walls can be trimmed on-site for custom cuts and can be installed over tile. And each wall is manufactured from durable Serica material. Serica is a composite material engineered to the highest performance standards for long-lasting beauty.

KOHLER K-97619-W11 Choreograph 60″ x 36″ x 72″ Shower Wall Kit

KOHLER Choreograph Shower Wall Kit is designed to be durable with a matte finish that suits any decor. It can integrate with Choreograph walls with seam joints for a clean look.

This item is perfect for those who enjoy stretching in the shower. It allows the barre to double as additional storage space.

This Shower Wall Kit made with anodized aluminium, which makes them durable and easy to clean. It eliminates any damage like cracks or scratches on the surface coating. This item makes the bathroom look classy and prevents the accumulation of mildew or mold.

Key Features

  • Provides a finished look for walls
  • It comes with Choreograph shower accessories
  • 10-year Limited Residential warranty
  • It comes with three shower walls


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • A crisp white, elegant design


  • Expensive

Swanstone TI50000.010 Veritek Glue-Up 5-Panel Bathtub Wall Kit

Swanstone Bathtub Wall Kit comes with Veritek with no surface coating to chip or crack. This item is perfect for both remodelling projects and new construction. It offers high-performing surfacing solutions for the bath and kitchen.

This Bathtub Wall Kit gives you superior impact strength, heat resistance and durability. It comes with two side panels with a pair of molded-in convenience shelves, two corner panels, a back panel with a molded-in soap dish, and two apron strips.

This item eliminates any kinds of damage like cracks or scratches on the surface coating. It prevents the accumulation of mildew or mold. Its surface is moisture-proof, and the seams are well-sealed. This sleek finish gives the bathroom a luxurious feel.

Key Features

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for both remodelling projects and new construction
  • It comes with an installation kit
  • adds elegance to your bath
  • moisture-proof and prevents mildew


  • High-gloss finish
  • Provides long-lasting performance
  • Reasonable price tag
  • looks stylish and elegant


  • It is heavy
  • requires high-quality adhesive

Features to consider kohler choreograph vs swanstone:


Both brands boast durable, waterproof materials. Kohler Choreograph provides a 10-year limited warranty for residential uses. It also provides 3-year for commercial services. Swanstone offers all of their products a 30-year limited warranty.


Both products have similar and straightforward installations. Both can install most bathroom units with shower adhesive and caulk sealant. For odd sized tubs, Kohler panels are easy to cut down on-site to make sure they fit perfectly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both brands are easy to clean and maintain. Please avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers and use soft cloths and brushes to keep a glossy surface.


Acrylic tub units are reinforced with glass fibers and resin but are made primarily from large acrylic sheets. These are heated and then stretched and drawn into a mold using a vacuum forming process.

A resin and glass fiber mixture is used to strengthen the unit. Fiberglass tub units are made with a polyester resin mixed with woven glass fibers and then sprayed or poured into a mold. This material is solid and provides long-lasting performance.


The kohler choreograph and swanstone shower combination makes for an ideal choice in most bathrooms. It will make the bathroom upgrade seem like a simple task. Both companies offer plenty of worthy options and a few that are not quite so good. So it is hard to choose the best item surround. We hope this content will help you to find the best wall kit for you.