How to Shim a Toilet in Less than 1 hour [2020]

How to shim a toilet

A rocking toilet is a significant threat to the users. You have to fix your wobbly or rocking toilet as early as possible. Otherwise, you might face some trouble.

What are the problems of a wobbly toilet?

First of all, it destroys your comfort. You get an unpleasant feel.
Secondly, it causes a problem to the old and disabled persons. The people who have back pain or glut pain will suffer a lot.

Thirdly, a rocking toilet has a huge possibility to break down. Even it can be the cause of leakage.

If the problem is at the primary level, you do not need to worry. Your immediate step can solve the problem and prevent any further trouble.

How to utilize the shim? How to fix a rocking toilet on tile?

The entire process is quite simple and takes less time if you follow the process correctly.

-You need to take a sharp knife.
-Take any of my offered shim models.
-A small towel.

Now, you have to cut all shims is the same size. Then place it one by one under the toilet leg. The distance from one shim to another should be 1.5 to 2 inches.

Besides the perfect components in your washroom, the right look is also critical. Make sure that your applied shims are not destroying the beauty of your toilet.

It will be better if you can adjust the shim color and toilet color. If your toilet is white, try to use the white colored shim item. You are also allowed to paint over the shim to match it with your toilet.

Does a toilet need to be level?

To fix your toilet you have to shim your toilet. This is an easy and effective solution. Within a couple of minutes, you can complete your job. The entire process is pretty cheap, and you can do it yourself. There is no necessity to ask a plumber.

In the market many shimming products are available. The first class shim can adjust your toilet correctly and makes your toilet fit for use.

I have reviewed some shim products that are the most market-dominating products. My advice is for you to consider those models to get a better result.

Top 5 Toilet Shims Reviews:

1. Keeney Manufacturing PP836-55 Plumb Pak Toilet Leveling Shims (8 Pack), Soft White

This soft plastic is a little object. The product weight is only 1.6 ounce. It is only available in white color.

The included material is high-quality nylon, and the construction is solid. This innovative small item can be a perfect solution for your wobbly toilet. You can rely on it to get your expected result.

2. Plumb Craft Waxman 7141000N Toilet Shims

This is also a white colored plastic item. The included plastic is soft and flexible but has enough strength. This is a safe item. There is no harmful ingredient used to manufacture this product.

This environment-friendly item has vast popularity towards the consumers. You can get a satisfactory performance form this little tool.

This is also gaining a good impression from the expert`s, and it is one of the top choices of experts. I highly recommend you to own this and enjoy the cool benefits from it.

3. OATEY 43406 Set-Rite Spacer Kit – Includes All 4 Sizes, 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1/8″ – 3/4″, Red

This is a unique model that comes with exceptional features. This famous shim is one of the best shims in the toilet industry. That’s why the brand is now top in the market competition.

The size and weight are comparatively more significant than any other model. The weight is 8 ounce. This is made of resilient plastic.

The item is round in shape, and you have two color options. One is yellow, and another is red. You can expect a better service form this magical tool.

4. Shims by Wobble Fixer Metric USA Soft Furniture Levelers Restaurant Table Shims are Stackable and Customizable (48 PCS/Set of 12)

The square shape model is made in the U.S.A. The primary ingredient is the fabric that is quite high in quality. You can get an easy cutting facility.

Another cool property of this model is its versatility. Yes, you are allowed to use it in many other places such as under the table or any heavy furniture.

There is no possibility of slippage. This impressive model becomes the most demandable shim item for all concern users. You can trust it.

5. Wobble Wedge – Soft Black – Restaurant Table Shims – 30 Piece Jar

The shape and size of this item are different from other shims. This unique good is multiple in uses. That’s why it is quite adorable to the users.

It also attracts the expert`s positive impression. Now, it is becoming a strong competitor in the market competition. The item is only black.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a toilet need to be level front to back?

Before you bolt the toilet down, confirm that the base is stable and level by carefully rocking it from side to side and back to front. If it does not sit perfectly flat, it will rock and more likely leak over time.

Why does my new toilet wobble?

Loose toilet bolts cause the wobble, and the flange can also be responsible. It should be rusted, broken, or set too high. The person who installed the toilet has used a wax ring that is too thick. If you can’t get the toilet to stop wobbling, loosen the nuts, and remove them.

Is a wobbly toilet nasty?

A rocking toilet isn’t running to cause you individual harm, but a loose, wobbly toilet is something you should fix. It is crucial since it can eventually lead to sewer gas leakage or, worse, a water leak that can damage your house.

How long after installation can a toilet be used?

It would help if you flushed the toilet a few times before caulking to put your mind at ease. After replacing the wax ring and re-setting the bathroom, it’s wise to put a bead of silicone caulk around the base.  Please wait about 3 to 4 hours to use that toilet, if possible.

How much does it take to fix a wobbly toilet?

Homeowners pay an average of $228 to fix a broken toilet. Project costs typically range from $142 and $315. In most cases, a professional plumber will charge a flat rate. Depends on location, a pro should charge anywhere from $45 to $150 per hour for their services.


Keep trust in my offered goods and appropriately utilize the way I described. Your perfect selection with perfect utilization will deliver you the required feedback.