How to Paint Behind the Toilet [2021 Edition]

How to paint behind the toilet

Besides a proper toilet with quality parts, the appearance is also important.

You need to be concern about the entire washrooms aesthetic view.

Maximum time we ignore to care the washroom wall behind the toilet.

Generally, the place is small and congested, but it also regulates your washroom look. To make it fancy, you can paint the wall. Some people think it is not necessary. Specially if there is a wall hung toilet.

The reason is they think it is a challenging task. No, it is not difficult, if you know the proper way to do it.

In this article, I will show you the hidden methods of painting behind your toilet. At first, you have to realize the importance of painting.

5 Steps to prepare your paint job behind a toilet

Not necessary which method mentioned below that you end up using to paint behind your toilet. The steps you take to prepare the area are the same and ensure that your paint job looks great. It also stays mold-free for many years to come.

Here are five critical steps that will get you ready to paint your washroom, including behind the toilet:

Firstly, Remove all towels, personal items, floor mats, artwork, and shower curtains from the washroom.

Then remove your toilet tank lid and cover the toilet with a large trash bag. You must use masking tape to secure the bag around the base of the bathroom. It will prevent paint from splashing in the bathroom and save you extra clean-up steps later. Now, use duct tape to keep the bag pulled away from your wall. Protect your sink and counter with a drop cloth.

It would help if you cleaned the whole walls and floors with hot, soapy water. Your Bathrooms tend to be in dirty environments. So cleaning up all this clingy debris before painting. It will prevent fuzz from getting stuck in the wet paint. It is mandatory to dry your walls entirely before applying the primer.

Ensure that your room is adequately ventilated. If your washroom has a window, open it. Then turn on the exhaust fan. Set up another fan to get fresh air that keeps circulating into the toilet.

Finally, you must apply a coat of primer to all the walls you are painting. Primer helps your paint adhere to the surface and promotes long-lasting color, so it’s worth taking the time for this step.

What is the importance of painting behind your toilet?

First of all, it is for a better look. Make your washroom an attractive look. If you can properly decorate the bathroom, you will get a comfortable feeling.

Secondly, this will protect your wall from damage and increases the longevity.

What are the techniques of painting the backside of your toilet?

Before going to the main action, you have to prepare the field. As the place is very narrow, you have to find a suitable place to carry out your operation.

At first, you have to dry the entire washroom. For this fact, you should stop the water flow. Your next duty is removing the toilet tank. Before removing it, make it empty.

Then carefully remove it. Now a day, most of the toilet tanks installing and removing are quite straightforward. You can quickly do it without calling a plumber. Just follow the manual instruction.

Now, you have to start the primary operation. In this case, you have a couple of options. I always prefer the easiest and quick techniques.

In the below, I will describe two easy methods. You are allowed to apply any from these two methods.

Number one: Traditional method:

This will provide you with a standard painting on the wall.

Required materials:

– Drop cloth
– Paint brush (foam type)
– Small paint roller
-Tack cloth
– Painter’s tape
– Garbage bag


-At first, you have to clean the total area. Generally, it is the dirtiest place in your washroom. Usually, in this place, you will face lots of dust, spider-net, even some insects.

If you see the presence of insects, apply insect killer to remove it. Otherwise, it might cause you harm. Use a cloth or brush to rub it.

You are allowed to use water. Even you can use detergent. Then let it properly dry before going to the next step.

– Then cover the toilet bowl with the garbage bag. Tightly tie it. Make sure it does not uncover.

– Now, take your mini paint roller. Apply it over the wall. Reach the deepest corner and soundly pain the entire wall.

– Finally, let it dry. Then set the toilet tank again and turn on the water supply.

Number two: Jimmy Sponge Stix:

This is the most straightforward technique I have ever seen. You need to purchase a Jimmy sponge stick. This is a handy ruler. A sponge is set on the head of the rod.


At first, paint the sponge. Then take the stick and press the sponge side over the wall. Rub it properly. Let it dry.

Like the previous methods, you should also clean the wall before painting it. I think in this case, you do not need to remove the toilet bowl.

How to Paint Behind the Toilet:


These are the simplest and easiest methods for painting the wall. Many other ways are available, but those are very complicated and time-consuming.

So it will be better for you if you follow the mentioned methods. These techniques are useful, cheap and take less time and effort.

Hope you like our article on how to paint the wall behind the toilet.

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