How to Move a Toilet Effortlessly [2021]

How to move a toilet

Choosing the best toilet is pretty challenging. The set-up process also needs good effort.

But more difficult and challenging is moving a toilet. It is a tough process. Not only this is a hard job but also it is a little bit expensive.

Usually, a large type pipe, minimum 3 or 4-inch large pipe placed under your washroom. It is set to pass the wastage through it.

Sometimes you want to add more items to the toilet. You may want to set-up a bathtub, basin or other stuff. Even you need to replace the toilet bowl or other parts. Sometimes, you have to transfer the entire toilet for some reason.

It is better to do everything in the first time installation. At that time you can quickly do the total operation. But if you want to add or change anything in your toilet later, you will face many difficulties.

When is it essential to move a toilet?

There can be various reasons. Most probably the builders or the previous owner never made the toilet according to your choice.

So moving bathroom is a very common tendency of the house owner. Every owner wants to make their toilet according to their wish.

If the toilet is placed in the wrong place, it can create conflict between the showers. Sometimes, the toilet is only 6 inches far from the shower, which is very uncomfortable.

You also need to move the toilet when you want to add a tub, sink or make the toilet better for use.

Which challenges will you face when you go to move a toilet?


You always think about plumbing. The plumbing operation should be done correctly. The process is a bit expensive and complicated. Never ignore this term.

The plumbing should be done in such a way that it never affects the wall or anything.


Supply of plenty of water is essential. Filling the tank is necessary. Without water supply, you cannot carry out the operation. To do the job ensures the water supply.


This is another critical thing. To pass the wastages correctly and to reach in the correct place, the waste is essential. Proper drainage system does the work correctly. The bad type of system will make you suffer a lot.

The drain should be separate from the toilet, kitchen, and bathroom. If your foundation is a concrete slab, then you should break it to install a new sewer.

Moving a toilet on the second floor:

To move it to the upper floor, the entire operation will be the same. But just the difference is the ceiling and roof of the upper-level need to be rebuilt. The job is hard and challenging. Be careful and plan everything well.

I want to show you a more natural way to move the toilet. My method will minimize your troubles and difficulties. It will reduce your cost.

Only, if you want to upgrade the fixtures, you do not require doing any significant relocation. But for making half bath from a full bath or expanding something, you will obliviously need to relocate the plumbing.

Every time you want to change something, you should inform the building authority. They will inspect everything. It is essential for security.

How to do the moving operation?

Essential apparatus:

  • Drill machine
  • Plus
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape
  • Scale
  • Knife
  • Gloves

The operation process:

Before starting the job, wear gloves.

At first, you need to think about moving the cistern or tank. Make sure that there is now no water. Check it by flushing. Anyhow stop the water flowing temporarily.

At the bottom of this device, you will find a connection. It is connected to the ground through a pipe. With the help of screwdriver unscrew it.

Then unscrew the upper side attachment that helps to stand against the wall. Now this part will we separate from the toilet. Keep it in a safe place.

Then you can detach the lid and the toilet seat. It is straightforward to do. Store it for further time using. Now, give concentration to separate the main body.

Go to the downside of the toilet bowl. You will find that some nuts are placed there. Open all nuts. Now a day in modern toilets some nuts are given even in the wall. You must open the whole bolt. Use the plus to make the work easy.

Now the bowl is separate from the floor. Ask help to lift it. Then store them in the fixed place.


Preserve all nuts and bolts. Never hurt the tiles with a hammer or never give too much pressure. It will damage the floor or all.

Do all the process smoothly.

Moving plumbing fixtures in a concrete slab:

At first take permission from authority to do it. Never hide it. For building safety, you need to inform them. Hopefully, they will give you exclusive information. It will make your task easier.

Collect the blueprints of the building. Take an overview.

Remove all carpets or materials. Never break the entire wall. Use a good hammer.

Now connect the pipe and other activities. Recheck them. Repair the broken floor or wall. This is a simple tip to move a toilet. Do the job carefully.

In this work, your patience and concentration are essential. So never lose confidence. Though, the work is hard. But I tried to express it quickly in front of you. I hope you can do it correctly.

How do you move a toilet to a concrete slab?

Sop up any remaining water from the toilet tank with a towel. Remove the flexible water supply line from the water shutoff valve with a wrench. Loosen the two bolts that mount the toilet to the toilet flange, which rests flush with the floor, pull the toilet off the flange. Lastly, place the toilet off to the side.

How much does it cost to move the location of a toilet?

It costs $3,000, with most homeowners spending between $2,000 and $3,500. A plumber’s cost is usually a significant consideration when altering a washroom floor plan, as they should need to relocate the drain and vent lines.

How far can you move a toilet from the stack?

Tie the waste line from your new toilet directly into the stack if your toilet is within 6 feet of the stack and the waste line is 3 inches in diameter. If your waste line is 4 inches in diameter, the toilet can be as far as 10 feet from the stack.

How do you move a 2-inch toilet?

Usually, a vertical wastewater pipe under your toilet that uses gravity to move wastewater away. For the wastewater line, an offset toilet flange allows you to move your 2-inch toilet in any direction. You don’t need to cut a new hole in the reconstruct the wastewater pipe.

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