How to Measure a Toilet [2021]

Today I am going to share the most common and easiest trick of toilet measurement. 

Yes, comparatively, this task is a bit tedious than another adjustment. But a sound performance mainly depends on this accurate setup. 

That’s why we emphasize this particular point. 

Usually, you will need a professional plumber to complete this task successfully. But he will charge a lot. 

So the best option is to do it yourself. But first, you have to learn the technique properly. 

So let see my discovered trick on how to measure for a toilet. This is very important if you have a small space or want to use wall-hung toilets.

Required tools: 

  •  Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pen and pencil 
  • Notepad

 During the remodeling time, you must focus on these following key points.

Take the maximum measurement: 

Step 1: 

Take the widest and longest measurement of the bowl’s point as far as possible. 

But take the hole measurement point to point center to center. 

Step 2:

Check the dimension several times to ensure the perfect data. 

Step 3: 

Focus on your safety issue. There is a possibility of slip and fall. Wear a good pair of footwear. 

Never stand on squat position. Put your feet on the floor.

Now, you have to focus on the perfect fitting toilet. In this case, you have to keep in mind about your washroom category. 

For example, for too narrow the washroom the best option is selecting a wall hung toilet. 

On the other hand for the rural area; the macerator toilet is an ideal and dependable item. 

That means your washroom size, area, and your specific demands are the main factors to choose a toilet. 

Another essential fact is bolt calculation. Cause, his bolt helps to hold the toilet strongly. In my recommendation, 10 to 14 inches is the perfect measurement. 

Then you have to focus on bowl dimension. A confusing fact is which types of the bowl would you use between the rounded and elongated-shape toilet bowl. 

Rounded-shaped items are old models. On the other hand, the elongated bowls are more popular with the new generation users. 

However, for the rounded shaped bowl 16 to 17-inch from the mounting hole is the ideal dimension. 

And for an elongated bowl, the required measurement is 18-inch to 19-inch. 

How to measure toilet height?

When it comes to height measurement my recommendation is near about 16-inch from the ground. 

But for more comfort and special users you the height should be 17 to 19 inches. 

Another important requirement is GPF. Cause, it regulates the efficiency and the hygiene issue. 

Frequent water passing can properly eliminate the wastage. But besides this, you have to focus on the water economy. 

The ideal GPF rate is 1.65 per flush. 

Within this rate, you can enjoy an ideal water economy. Also, it can eliminate wastage and odor effectively. 

For a better GPF rating, you need to set a quality flush lever. That’s why you need to keep a clear concept of toilet layout. 

How to measure a toilet seat?

For rounded bowl small size seats are applicable. But for an elongated bowl, you need a bit long seat. 

In this case, I do not recommend any specific dimension. Based on your comfort you can select your seat. 

But for special people long seats are recommendable. On the other hand, for children, you need a soft and a bit lower seat. 

And these sets must be easily replicable and removable. Also, it should have an easy cleaning capability. 

How do you know what size toilet you need?

If you measure your toilet entirely, then start by measuring from the wall behind the bathroom to the bolts’ center at the toilet’s base. If the existing toilet has four bolts, you must calculate to the center of the back bolts. It is also known as the rough-in measurement.

What is the right toilet height?

Standard toilet height is around 14 1/2″ from the floor to the toilet bowl rim, without a toilet seat. Toilet bowl height has increased to assist people with sitting and standing up to benefit taller people and those with physical handicaps or the elderly.

What is the minimum distance from the toilet to the wall?

Many codes require at least 15 inches from any side wall and not closer than 30 inches center to center to any other fixture.  It should be at least 24 inches of clear space in front of a toilet.

How long does a toilet last?

The primary rule of thumb is that a toilet can last up to 50 years, but replacement is more necessary after 25 thanks to damage, regular wear, and tear, low water pressure.

Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet?

An elongated toilet seat will fit on a round toilet; you should compromise the fit and comfort. An elongated toilet seat will likely overhang around the bathroom, which should be fine unless the toilet’s rim is visible within the toilet seat’s opening.

Final verdict: 

Overall, you have to focus on your satisfaction. Most of the calculating and installing processes are a simple and DIY process.

And you have to determine these dimensions properly.

After that, you can enjoy a sound and effective service in the long run. 


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