How To Install Shower in Basement Under 30 Minutes [2021]

How to install shower in basement

Breaking the washroom floor is very difficult. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

A bathroom in the basement offers crucial value to a finished basement.

The job is excruciating and complicated. To install anything such as toilet, shower, basin or other you need to plumb.

It will be better if you can avoid this.

Yes, now you have several alternative options. Without breaking the floor, you can set-up your required object. In this way, you can save your valuable time and money. The process will minimize your additional tasks.

What are the terrible effects of breaking the washroom floor?

Breaking the floor has substantial adverse effects.
Firstly, it is costly and time-consuming.
Secondly, it is a very dull job.

The main problem is, it creates massive damage to the washroom. The reason is, you cannot repair it just like the previous condition.
That means it will destroy the aesthetic look of your washroom.

For that fact, you need to find out an alternative method. To save the washroom floor, many alternative mechanisms are already invented.

You are allowed to choose any of them. It will be better if you can find out the easiest and quick system.

The mechanism depends on the washroom condition too. Some universal techniques are suitable for every situation.

The maximum is DIY categories. You can do it yourself. You need just a little bit of knowledge and patient.

Let`s see those helpful time and money saving techniques.

Groundwater and waste pipelines:

For some home removing the below-grade waste line to the septic or sewerage line is a bit difficult. The reason is for having a deep line.

You need to ask for help from an experienced plumber. He will determine the waste passing line.

If your waste passed through the municipal line, set a backwater valve. This valve will clear the sewage.

Before applying it, ask permission from the building conductor and consult with the plumber.

Composting and macerating toilet:

The macerator breaks the solid wastage. It helps to eliminate it easily. It contains a toilet bowl, macerating unit, and toilet tank.

It holds an electric power motor. It placed behind the washroom wall. Horizontally it pumps minimum 150 feet and vertically twelve feet.

The composting toilets are another solution. It needs less amount of water. It runs electrically, uses heat.

It contains a dual fan system. It is pretty much environment-friendly. You can set it without hampering the floor.


It is a great option. It does not need to cut the concrete. You can fit the sink, basin, and toilet by this technique.

The above system can save your washroom floor. Those apply to all kinds of the washroom, but you need to consider the washroom condition.

Depending on the location, water supply and other criteria chose any process for your washroom.

In this way, you can save your time, money and efforts. You will also do it without damaging the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you install a basement shower without breaking concrete?

You’ll need to install an up-flush system to pump the water from the shower into your home’s main drain. The most efficient method of installing a basement shower is installing it over existing plumbing stub-outs without breaking concrete.

Can you use a basement floor drain for a shower?

A basement drain is often a French or princess drain, specially designed for intermittent use. These aren’t designed for a constant, moderate flow of water, and will back up. If your drain is traditional and tied to existing sewer, it can be used as a shower drain.

How much does it require to hire a portable shower?

A portable shower with hot water can cost less than $100 for an entire day.

What is the right size for a basement bathroom?

A full bathroom should be considered if you plan to use your basement as a family bedroom, guest room, or living suite. The installation requires approximately 60 square feet of floor space, while a small bathroom will come in at about 30 square feet.

Is it worth putting a shower in the basement?

Adding a shower to your basement can make your life easier and boost your property value in the process. If you want to consider your basement into a guest bedroom, a game room, man cave, or office, a basement bathroom will allow you to enjoy the space without having to climb up and down.

Can a shower and bathroom share the same drain?

The shower drain can connect to the toilet drain. It doesn’t connect to the toilet trap arm. So the shower connection will need to be made downstream from the toilet vent. The vent must come off the 2″ pipe vertically, can’t go off the side unless you have a lavatory draining into the duct.

Does shower water go to the septic tank?

Most septic systems operate via gravity to the septic tank. When your toilet is flushed, water is turned on, the water and waste flow via gravity through the plumbing system in your house; it ends up in the septic tank.

How To Install Shower in Basement:

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