How To Install Bidet in Less Than 30 Minute [2021]

How to install bidet

A bidet is a good alternative to toilet paper. Comparatively, it is healthier than a toilet paper. Now a day, the bidet is getting popular.

The bidet was first introduced in the 17century in France. It is practiced in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia.

For several reasons, it is a better option. First of all, it is hygienic. The operation process is significantly effective.

It never causes any irritation and other health threats. The working method is auto and very smooth. So it is a desirable material for conscious users.

Try to pick the right one at the first try. This job is quite challenging as there are lots of products available in the market. So, learn how to install bidet.

Now you need to take preparation for the next step. This step is not difficult. But you need to give you’re the best effort to get a fruitful result. In this stage, you have to do a perfect set-up.

Keep in mind; an effective performance depends on proper installation. So, you have to know how to install it correctly along with the best bidet toilet attachments. A good brand bidet always includes a manual guide. On the guide, you can find all types of installation advice. Those are described easily so that everyone can understand.

As a beginner, still, you may have some confusion. For that fact, we are going to share you the most straightforward set-up technique.

Most of the bidets are manufactured for the DIY method. DIY means do it yourself. The technique is very flexible and simple. It takes less time.

Most probably you can complete it within 20 minutes. You never need any additional plumbing. It will be better if, you make two separate lines. One is for cold water, and another is warm water.

The bidets are varying in quality. Some are portable, some are electric, and some may be heated.

So depending on its category, the installation is slightly different. But the basic is the same. The maximum bidets follow three primary methods.

Bidet Installation Guide:

At first, remove the current bidet toilet seat. At the right side, it has 2 caps. The bolts are applied to make it secure and tight. You need to unscrew the bolts. A simple screwdriver is enough to do this. Keep the old one in any suitable place.

Now, mount the new one. To carry this job, first, install the mounting bracket. To fix it, connect it to the mounting holes. The hole is behind the bowls. Then, you have to tighten the nuts.

Lastly, you can connect the water supply. The water connection differs from toilet to toilet. Most of the case, the water comes from the water tank. Go for best bidet toilet combo if you want an easier installation.

This is the simplest way that you can install a bidet. This operation will take less time and effort. You can do it yourself. You do not need to ask for help from labor or plumber.

Warning: You should always maintain the measurement. Make sure that the water supply is off in the operation time. You have to attach the nuts strongly.

Apparatus: Bidet plumbing requirements:

To finish this mission, you never need any heavy equipment. A simple screwdriver is enough to do a successful operation. But you can keep a plier. It may make your work easier. If the nuts are too tight, you can use grease or oil.

Bidet waste connection and bidet drainage connection:

There is a controversy among the users. My suggestion is the wastage should be removed in such a way it cannot connect with the bidet parts.

The wastages are responsible for lousy smell and disease. So the proper drainage system can help to solve this problem.

Portable Bidet Installation:

A portable bidet is nothing but a bottle. The setup is a little bit different but very easy.
Full the bidet bottle with fresh water and then attach the spray. You may add helpful chemical for cleaning and be preventing odor.

How to install a bidet spray:

The spray will make the work easier. Attaching a bidet spray is just a simple task. This is like a chain pipe. You need to attach it to the toilet body. One or two nuts are included with this material.

You have to connect them and then fasten them. You can use a special tape. Those are mainly made for the toilet. Those are available in the toilet market.

What type of drain is needed for a bidet?

The drain should have strong wastage eliminating capability. So it should be durable, and the materials need to be strong. It should be sealed strongly. If any leakage occurs, you will fall into trouble.

To save your time and money, it is better to do the set-up task yourself. Follow my simple instruction to do the process altogether. But my first suggestion is, at first read the manual guide. Then follow the other guidelines.

Your perfect set-up will deliver you a fruitful service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are bidets easy to install?

Bidet toilet seats are an affordable alternative to standard models designed to fit onto your existing toilet. Installing an electric bidet toilet seat is easier than you think, and with a few simple tools, installation is completed in about 30 minutes.

Can you install a bidet yourself?

Yes! Most are intended to be DIY and hook up to the water tank. Maximum models come with the necessary pieces and should take 20-30 minutes to install.

Can I install a bidet in the apartment?

Installing a bidet is cheaper than purchasing a bidet toilet and is usually the only option for apartment dwellers.

How much is a bidet installation?

It takes a minimum amount of $250 and goes up to $500–$700 for a higher-end model by Kohler or Toto. If you want to install a bidet, count on spending around $300 plus an additional $30 for supplies, according to your home. It uses your existing plumbing, so in total, you can live la vie bidet for under $1,000.

Can the bidet be harmful?

While the bidet offers maximum benefits, there are several drawbacks and dangerous side effects of its prolonged use. The principal risks of bidet use include disruption of natural flora and increased risk of infection, perianal region damage, and physical injuries from falls or burns.

Bidet Attachment Instructions:

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