How Does Saniflo Works – Detailed Guide of 2021

How Does Saniflo Works

The well known Saniflo Brand is becoming more popular and a reliable name among the customers now a day.

The simple set up technique and environment-friendly behavior make it stand high in the competition of the market.

So apply this item to your bathroom for a better output. At first, you have to know the using process and when to use.

Besides this, you must know the pros and cons of this item. Cons are limited. But if you know about those, you can manage those and enjoy the benefits without hesitation.

Why would you buy a Saniflow Toilet?

Saniflo does not use the gravity process. This is done with the centrifugal pump.

Flushing the wastages is done in the general wastage process.

If you do a little bit of study about this revolutionary product, then you can realize its power. In the below, I am going to express some bullet point why you can blindly rely on and purchase the magical item.

Fighting gravity:

After flushing, it is set in motion in the standard toilet. The wastages are sent in the general wastages system by the aid of gravity.

When the toilet location is pretty much below grade level or the distance is far enough then up flush is badly needed.

Toilet piping never goes directly into the sewers and not travels in a horizontal way before the wastages reach in the line of general wastage.

In this type of situation, you must install a Saniflo toilet. It assures efficient toilet flush and to prevent blockage on toilet pipe.


It is excellent news for the environment aware of people. These pumps are a thousand times more efficient than any ordinary type.

Shredding ensures smooth flushing to the line of general wastages. The impeller accelerates the wastages and requires less water than a standard one.

Flush valve size

The size of the valve influences the power of a single flush. A large flush valve can clear all the contents in the bowl with just one flush.

Noise level

You should need to consider the noise level if you have kids in your house. Some upflush toilets are specially designed to have a quiet flush while other models are loud.

You should need to look for the lid. Some models come with silent-closure lids that you don’t have to be startled while it falls on the bowl. So it’s essential to decide what you want.

Bowl shape

Bowl shape ensures more comforts compare to others. Bowls are of two types, such as around and an elongated bowl. Elongated bowls offer maximum convenience due to its more expansive seating space but occupy a larger area. Round bowls are better for narrower spaces.

Easy Installation:

For installing Saniflo, you never need to break floors. On the other hand, the standard category toilets need backside installation process. You are lucky because the installation of Saniflo is hazard free and, pretty much straightforward.

It can provide you with the up flush facility. As a result, you can save to do any extensive plumbing.

The entire set up job can be carried out the fastest way.

How does a Saniflo toilet work?

By four key components, the renowned Saniflo toilet s made up. The parts are:

– (membrane) Float switch
– (macerator) blade
– Microswitch
– impeller

Each of the components has their separate duties. They work together to form the Saniflo toilet.

Let’s see their performance:

1. Blade:

When the wastages are flushed, then the edges activates. The toilet paper, stool and other substantial wastages with the liquid come to the touch with the blade. Then the blade makes them small by cutting. Then they are passed in general wastages process.

2. (membrane) Float switch:

This float switch is also familiar with the layer. It is a tinny float. This small float helps to operate the pump. After cutting the wastages blade, those are stored in the tank.

Several times those are accumulating in the tank in slow motion and raise the float switch.

After wastages fall, in a particular place, the switch detects pressure from the water. The microswitch then starts to operate.

3. Microswitch:

Another name of the microswitch is the membrane. But it is more popular with the microswitch name. After starting the microswitch, it actives the impeller.

4. Impeller:

It is a rotating device. It makes a continuous accumulation so that the wastages remove out from the tank and reaches into general wastages system.

How to make the Saniflo system work best?

Sometimes you may hear that this toilet system broke down. It is an unwanted coincidence. The miss use is the main culprit behind it.

Following tips will give you better performance:

– Only the wastages of human and toilet tissues should be flushed in the system.
– At least one time in a day clean the system.
– If you are going to enjoy a particular holiday, flush this system a couple of time before leaving.

Where does the Saniflo waste go?

When the flush is activated in your standard toilet, the waste is sent into the general waste system using gravity. Your toilet piping goes directly down into the sewers.

How long do Macerators last?

The standard rule regarding macerator pumps is the machine, which will last up to 15 years if handling a small amount of waste. If you use it regularly in your main bathroom, you can assume a macerator to last for about ten years.

Are Saniflo toilets noisy?

The Saniflo macerator toilet is no louder than a toilet flushing. The sound volume emitted in decibels can vary from one installation to another; it depends on the product, especially the surroundings like the tiled room or not, the room’s size and shape, etc.

Which accessories do you need to set up saniflo system?

Before going to set up the saniflo process, you need some essential accessories.

– An up flush toilet pump
– Assuring water supply availability
– From ¾ inch to 1 inch one discharge pipe
– Electric source
– Venting source

How to do set up or install this system?

You will be surprised that the installation method is swift and quite simple.

Just follow the bellowing steps for a perfect saniflo system installing.

1. Connect Discharge Pipe:

Cut the soil stack. Now install a standard Y shape connector for accommodating discharge pipe.

2. Connecting the System to Water:

Attach the system to the water: By connecting the toilet tank to the water supply flush can be run. Do not use warm water. Just connect an adaptor to water line then screw it with the tap.

Connect the pump to the power:

Find a closed electric circuit for control. It may be 15 amps.

Vent pump:

You can vent it in any place.

In the installing moment, the following tips keep in your memory:

– An extension pipe should be considered
– Support the pipeline
– Take proper steps against freezing
– Connect land circuit interrupter

The primary difference between saniflo and standard toilet:

The fundamental difference is the discharge system. The saniflo can provide two classy components. Those are One macerator and one pump.


– Where standard water flush is not sufficient, you can apply there the Saniflo toilet system
– Can be suited in a small place.
– Needs less water for flushing


Though we told that the installation is easy, but compared to a standard toilet, it seems complex.

Saniflo macerator smells:

To get rid of the bad odor, you can apply vinegar or baking powder and keep it overnight. You can also think about the carbon filter.

Saniflo noise review:

It operates smoothly. You never get any monotonous, irritating sound from it. Overall Saniflo up flush toilet is very useable. The working procedure is straightforward but active. If you can correctly set it up and operate it according to instruction, be sure that you will enjoy excellent output.

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