How does a Macerator Toilet Work – Complete Guide [2021]

How does a macerator toilet work

Many reasons might be behind on inserting another macerator into the home. In this time, the plumbing system is a vital fact.

Many homeowners face trouble with their bathroom. The drainage system can be the reason for that.

Most of the time it happens when in basements and bathroom’s drain location is low grade.

When the drain line is on the shallow level, then wastage elimination from home becomes quite tricky.

But fortunately, two methods are discovered to deal with this problem. One is a macerating toilet, and another is sewage injector drive.

Macerating toilet definition:

Maceration is sewage treatment. This method used to eliminate solids and human waste by turning it into small portions. This is done quickly by pumping.

The process works better when the pressure of water is low, or the toilet is installed below the drain pipe. Maceration is done by applying chopper in sewage station. Also, it can be done at the wastewater plant.

How does a macerating toilet work?

The methods run through a sequence of valves and auto measurement process. The flushed wastages are pumped or transfer into the main chamber of the macerator.

A pipe pumps a combination of the water or any other types of liquid. It keeps running until the accumulation of wastages reaches a particular stage.

A pneumatic switch determines this wastage. It can also measure the inside pressure of the tank and help to start macerator after increasing the pressure at a high level.

The wastages flap with the water by locking mechanism. The blades then began to run. It revolves around 3000 to 4000 per minute.

Then another pumping object works for removing the liquid wastages from the chamber. In this time the blades stop itself and the pipes open for again starting the cycle.

Most of the Macerator performs in this way. But sometimes it varies.

How long do Macerators last?

The standard rule regarding macerator pumps is the machine, which will last up to 15 years if handling a small amount of waste. If you use it every day in the main bathroom in a domestic home, you can assume a macerator to last for about ten years.

What is a macerator toilet system?

Macerating toilets use a blending mechanism to reduce human waste to a slurry, which can then be moved by pumping. It is useful when water pressure is low or installing a toilet below the sewer drain pipe.

Does a macerating toilet need to be vented?

Sanipack can be used with most wall-hung toilet systems. These units can be installed as a toilet only, or as half-bath. The macerating toilet does not need to be vented, as they are forced mains.

Are macerator toilets noisy?

The macerator toilet is no louder than a toilet flushing. The sound volume emitted in decibels can vary from one installation to another; it depends on the product, especially the surroundings.

How far will a macerator toilet pump?

The Saniplus is a 1/2 HP pump system used to install a complete washroom up to 15 feet below the drain line or 150 feet away from a soil stack. It incorporates a macerating system that can handle human waste and toilet paper in residential applications.

Where does it apply?

The decomposition power of Macerator is thousand times better than an ordinary tank. The macerator turns the wastages in a liquid state in the septic tanks or soil stacks.

It is mostly used on marine vehicles or boats as land is far and you need a powerful method to remove the waste.

Actually, either in land or river where the wastage accusation level is far, this method is beneficial and useful.

Point of concern:

Using this on a daily basis minimizes the pump life.

How to install it?

The installation process is simple and straightforward. The method also takes less time.

But you have to keep in mind that any simple mistakes can cause lots of damage. Your proper concentration and awareness are essential during setup.

First, read the instruction and then follow those advice step by step.

Properly discharge the pipe sizing. The unit should be properly vented. Sweep the bends at the correct angle. The angle must be at 45 degrees.

Be aware that you do not forget any significant steps. Ensure a sufficient power supply.

It is maintenance free. After properly installed it once, most probably you will never face any trouble from this.

Shortcut tips:

The manufacturers are offering you their specific cleaners. But you can save your money with my suggestions. Think about old vinegar for cleaning. It works on it. But the condition is that it has to be old.

Macerating toilets, do they work?

Don’t worry about it. It will work very efficiently.

Sewage injector:

You can set it up fast. When the main drain is not far, and the wastages are allowed to pass by the secure horizontal transport system, setup should not be a problem.

But if it is not possible then consider the sewage injector pump instead of others. The sewage pump works in the same way as the other pumps.

But the main advantages you find from it that it is capable of passing solids through it. It can pass up to 2-inch diameter particles!

It sits on the pit basin. There every think can discharge. A floating button controls the entire operation. It helps to reach the wastages in the particular stage from the basin by turning the pump on.

Some are allowing control alarm in their system. To select the size and categories you need to take help from an experienced plumber.

Sometimes the size selecting becomes a complicated job. Many calculations need to do before deciding it. In the case of massive duty duplex system even required.

Macerator toilet RV:

On the road, while traveling, it is essential to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable system. Try to maintain a perfect toilet system for your recreational vehicle.

But for your recreational vehicle selecting the correct toilet is pretty much challenging. If you have extensive space, you can decide to install a macerator system. The process is easy, and you already know the setup technique.

If you travel for an extended period makes sure that your tank capacity is big enough. According to your location take electrical or battery powered system. If there is the possibility of scarcity of current, the battery system is better.

Now let’s introduce some brands that can provide this maceration technique very efficiently.

Saniflow pump:

It is a trendy name in maceration pump competition. The installation is straightforward, and the item is useful.
It comes in various models with various features.

Flojet 18555-000A:

It is a portable RV type product. For a long journey, it can be the right partner.

Details of the item:

1. Directly connects to the outlet of RV.
2. Removes 3rd sewer hose.
3. Capabilities of rinsing fresh water
4. Easy to clean and easy to store
5. Remote control switch

Bathroom anywhere:

Oh. It can go with this name because it is providing these facilities with its features and configuration.

Macerating toilet problems:

Though it can give many advantages if you install it in the wrong way you will face the challenge. Keeping unwanted materials makes it noisy and sometimes creates disorder even need an emergency plumber.

If you can follow the proper process, then you can make it working and find comfort in the toilet.

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