blue hawk vs sharkbite

Sharkbite connectors are as good as Blue hawk with the water pipe used in many travel trailers today. Both come with an Innovative push-to-connect design that makes for a quick and easy transition. These are Compatible with PEX, copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE pipes.

Sharkbite connectors are designed to be reliable and faster compared to traditional pipe transition methods. It allows for connection to and from different types of pipe during installation.

Both brands have many similarities and a few differences. So it is confusing to choose the right connectors among them. Our article will provide some effective information that helps you to select the best one for you.

Can you use a SharkBite on polybutylene pipe?

If you’re working with Polybutylene Pipe and want a way to immediately transition to PEX, Copper, C-PVC, PE-RT, or HDPE pipe, then SharkBite is perfect for you. SharkBite fittings can instantly transition from one pipe to another. These fittings with a grey collar are compatible with polybutylene pipe.

How long do SharkBite fittings last?

It can last a long time. The company warrants the fittings for 25 years when used with SharkBite tubing.

Can I use SharkBite on copper?

SharkBite comes with brass push-to-connect fittings compatible with PEX, Copper, CPVC, PE-RT and HDPE pipe.

Do shark bites leak?

SharkBite fittings can leak due to one of these reasons: when the pipe isn’t properly deburred before installation if the pipe isn’t squarely cut. The pipe must have scratches or debris on the outside, blocking the O-ring from getting a watertight seal.

Do SharkBite fittings reduce water flow?

No. It will not affect the pressure at all. It affects flow rates, and while theoretically different, there is a real correlation between the two.

Are SharkBite fittings good for hot water?

SharkBite fittings are used for both hot and cold water lines. These fittings are durable enough to install on plumbing inside walls and last as long as copper fittings. It is compatible with copper, CPVC and PEX pipes.

Do you need to clean copper pipe for SharkBite?

Sharkbite connections require the same clean, bright copper that a pro-press connection requires. There is no pinching on the cleaning. We suggest steel wool to get a clean connection on a new pipe cut with a rolling pipe cutter.

Why are PEX plumbings bad?

PEX plumbing systems are used for more years. Its major failures are linked to piping and connection. Piping fails when the pipes are revealed to chlorine within the water, appearance to direct sunlight before its installation.

Can you reuse a SharkBite fitting?

Many companies are allowing reusing the fitting up to 4-6 times. We suggest you use up to 2-3 times.

Is Blue Hawk a good brand?

Blue Hawk is a basic brand. Many previous and current customers agree that these tools are comparable in quality and durability to popular and more expensive tool brands.

Which fitting is best for plumbing?

Copper piping is perfect for most home plumbing applications. Many people like it for its long lifespan and durability. It is the perfect choice for numerous applications. It permits heat well and is notably resistant to corrosion.

Blue Hawk Compression/Push x Compression Push Fitting

Blue Hawk Compression Push Fitting Is the Ideal Choice for Joining Pipes within Your PVC Pipelines. It is a Solid Construction, Secure Connections, Rust Resistance, and Multiple Approvals. This item will serve your Plumbing Needs Faithfully. It provides safety and optimal performance.

This Push Fitting Item Features Secure, Leak-Free Compression Connections. It offers Better Rust and Corrosion Resistance when Compared to other Fitting Pipe.

This item fits copper tubing, CPVC and connects them in any combination. It is an innovative repair coupling that allows you to make a quick repair on copper or CPVC pipe. It allows up to 2 inches of damaged pipe to be removed and repaired. It is perfect for emergency or freeze repairs.

Key Features

  • It comes with a 1/2-in x 1/2-in push fit coupling
  • It Connects copper, CPVC, and PEX
  • Repair Plumbing Fitting Pipe
  • Leak-Free Plumbing Fitting Pipe


  • easy to use
  • reasonable price tag
  • Rust and Corrosion Resistant
  • Provides safety


  • No cons yet

SharkBite U008LFA Straight Coupling Plumbing

SharkBite U008LFA Straight Coupling Plumbing is specially designed for potable water and radiant heating. It is perfect for residential and commercial applications. This item provides the push-to-connect solution for leak-free results. It offers quick and easy installation.

This Straight Coupling Plumbing is certified to 200 PSI and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires no special tools, no soldering, no crimping or glue. This item fits copper tubing, CPVC and connects with any combination. It comes with high-quality forged lead-free DZR brass.

This item ensures a clean and leak-free connection. It allows us to make a quick repair on copper or CPVC pipe. It can remove and repair up to two inches of the damaged pipe.

Key Features

  • Straight Coupling Plumbing
  • Repair with no special tools
  • Made of high-quality forged DZR brass
  • It fits copper tubing and CTS, CPVC and PEX


  • safe for potable water lines
  • resistant to corrosion
  • easy to use
  • easy to install
  • ideal for working in tight spaces


  • some customer complained after sometimes its connections leak


Blue Hawk and SharkBite both are the most popular brand in the plumbing industry. These two brands provide durable and long-lasting products. So it is critical to choose one among them.

We think Blue Hawk Compression Push Fitting is the perfect one for you. We like it because it is the ideal choice for joining pipes within Your PVC Pipelines. It is perfect for emergency or freezes repairs.

This item offers Secure, Leak-Free Compression Connections. You can choose which is best for you according to your needs.