Best Water Heater Blanket

Best Water Heater Blanket

A good water heater blanket keeps water inside warmer for longer, reducing the heater energy. It gives you an eco-friendly lifestyle and saves your money by providing a long lifespan.

A water heater blanket can extend the life of the water heater. Before purchasing a water heater blanket, it is necessary to consider the material it is made of and the sort of water heater the coverage can use.

Here we will discuss some water heater blanket that is currently available on the market. We also provide some information to get the best water heater blanket according to your needs.

Product Review Session:

1 Frost King SP57/11C All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket

The Frost King Water Heater Insulation Blanket is designed for gas, oil, or electric water heaters. It is a 60-gallon gas water heater that improves Heater efficiency, and it is easy to use. Frost King offers more insulating power than the other products on the market.

This water heater cover has no heat going to disperse and includes a reliance on vinyl-backed Fiberglass. It is 3 inches in thickness, 60 inches in height, and 90 in length. Frost King can wrap any large water heater tank or a boiler. It is safe to use on all types of water heaters.

This water heater jacket gives you long-lasting performance and fits perfectly around his tank. It includes Fiberglass that absorbs and holds hot air, and vinyl prevents moisture from passing through the insulation. This model keeps your heater dry and mold-free.

Key Features


· Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

· made with a vinyl-faced fiberglass material

· Includes foil tape for easy installation

· suitable to use on gas, oil, or electric water heaters

· loaded sturdy and durable construction

· comes with plastic tape to hold the blanket


· Improves Heater efficiency

· designed to use on gas, oil, or electric water heaters

· suitable to use up to 60-gallon size

· Easy to install

· Easy to use

· Reflexive value of 10

· Durable and lightweight


· Not suitable for bigger-sized gallons

· Doesn’tDoesn’t fit all tanks

2 Thermwell Products SP57-5 Water Heater Blanket

Thermwell water tank insulation helps you save energy by reducing your water Heater-Feet’sHeater-Feet’s recovery time. It is safe to use for Gas, Oil, And Electric Water Heaters.

This hot water tank cover is a corrosion-resistant that significantly improves its lifespan. It works perfectly with gas, oil, or electric water heaters from 40 to 60 gallons in size.

This water tank insulation jackets offers efficient, reliable, and an excellent way to save energy. It includes a roll of plastic tape for installation. This model reduces heat loss.

This water blanket includes vinyl, backed Fiberglass, and it features an insulation blanket. It prevents the heated water inside the tank from getting cold.

Thermwell Water Heater Blanket is backed with a vinyl coating, which is shiny and reflects heat into the tank. It works perfectly to ensures the water heater tank is insulated correctly and gives you a long lifespan.

Key Features

· Item Weight: 3.09 pounds


· Includes a roll of plastic tape

· Fits Up To 60-Gallon Tank

· comes with tape in the package

· reduces the feet recovery times

· helps insulation of the water heater tank


· improves the functioning efficiency

· Easy to install

· It is thick

· Suitable to safely use on gas, oil, and electric water heaters

· Vinyl-backed Fiberglass

· Reliable

· highly efficient


· it does not cover more than a 60-gallon tank

3 SmartJacket Water Heater Blanket Insulation System

The SmartJacket Water Heater Blanket is ideal for looking for an energy star certified production alongside a guarantee of satisfaction.

This model is safe to use for gas and electric tanks of between 20 and 80 gallons.

This hot water insulation helps you to save money on energy bills every month. It is specially designed for those who love DIY projects, and it is easy to install for homeowners. This water heater offers a more comprehensive product than cheaper counterparts so that you can trust this blanket.

It is easy to clean and creates a small gap between the tank and the blanket to add an extra barrier to trap in any dissipating heat. That’sThat’s why we recommend this in our list.

Key Features

· Item Weight: 1.9 pounds


· covers an 80-gallon tank effectively

· stylish design and highly durable materials

· includes Non-fiberglass material

· thermal insulation for increased energy efficiency

· Comes with an Energy Star certification

· Ensures Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic

· allows greater insulating properties


· Easy to install

· Eco-friendly

· ensures an efficient use

· Fits all 20 to 60-gallon tanks

· Reduce heat loss

· Relatively easy to clean


· It is expensive

4 M-D Building Products 4663 M-D 0 Water Heater Blanket

M-D water heater cover plate is made of Fiberglass, that keeping water inside heaters hotter. It includes vinyl that reflects heat into the water heater to minimize heat loss. You can use this blanket safely on gas, electric, and oil-powered water heaters.

This particular model comes with tape to make the task simple, and it is easy to install. It can insulate your water heater without being bulky and hard to move. This water heater blanket reduces the amount of money spent on energy. It saves your money for providing the long run.

This heater insulation provides extra insulation when needed. It prevents the water heater from losing heat and helps it to stay at a consistent temperature. This model is suitable to use in all seasons.

Key Features

· Item Weight: 8.8 Pounds


· White vinyl backed fiberglass blanket

· Includes adhesive tape for easy installation

· Designed for gas, oil or electric heaters

· comes with an adhesive tape


· Reduces energy cost

· Vinyl-backed Fiberglass

· Efficient and easy to install

· Lightweight

· highly efficient


· Doesn’tDoesn’t fit 60-gallon tank

· This is not enough for effective installation

5 Reflectix ST16025 Staple Tab Insulation Roll

Reflectix ST16025 hot water tank insulation available in rolls of various widths and lengths. This blanket reflects all the lost heat right back to the tank. It is specially designed for tanks up to 60 gallons, and is non-toxic, has no carcinogenic airborne elements.

This particular model work is its ability to reflect any heat that escapes back into the tank and halts up to 97% of heat loss.

Reflectix water heater blanket is made of polyethylene, enhancing the water heater jacket’s strength and reliability.

This insulated water tank you can manipulate the size to get the best fit for your water heater. It gives you long-lasting performance. That’s why we recommend this on your list.

Key Features


· Item Weight: 1.8 pounds

· Metallic foil surface repels heat

· provides more effortless stapling for installation

· inhibit and limit any condensation

· Includes no toxic or allergic components


· high reliability and strength

· ​Durable

· ​Thin and lightweight

· ​Fiberglass is an excellent insulator

· environmentally safe

· easy to clean


· Easily wrinkles and crumples

· It is a little tricky for users

Buying Guides

Below these factors to be considered before purchasing a new water heater blanket:

Allergic and Toxic Materials

Sometimes many contain materials or components that should be allergenic or even toxic for some users. It is necessary to consider a product that mentions their non-toxicity and are non-allergic.

Ease of installation

You should consider a water heater blanket that you can install with ease. It should be needed to use simple tools like a pair of scissors and a measuring tape. It would be best to consider a blanket that comes with adhesive tape since it would be much easier to install.


The blanket you choose should wrap around the water heater tank completely. If the coverage is too small and parts of the tank are left uncovered, heat will escape through those parts, and the tank will not be adequately insulated.


Standard materials are loaded vinyl, aluminum, foil, and Fiberglass. These are popular for their heat-trapping properties. It would be best to consider materials resistant to various hazards such as fire, humidity, and rot.


You should go for the more adhesive sheets as opposed to the thin ones. Nowadays, top products have a diameter of between 0.5 mm and 5 inches.

What Is a Water Heater Blanket?

A water heater tank is a handy appliance for various reasons, that is why you will be able to find it in most homes. You can use it to heat water and maintain the desired temperature in your residency.

It improves your energy efficiency and saves some money on the energy bills every month. This is an expensive, easy to set up, and, generally speaking, they tend to pay for themselves in less than a year.


A water heater blanket is relatively easy to install, suitable for beginners. In this article, we review some water heater blanket that currently available on the market.

We think Frost King SP57/11C All Season Water Heater Insulation Blanket is the best water heater blanket.

We like it because it keeps your heater dry and mold-free. It is safe to use in all types of water heater. This model reduces heat loss and saves your money by preventing the energy cost.

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