7 Best Toilet Valve – Reviews and Buying Guide [2020]

Best Toilet Valve - Reviews

Problems in your toilet valve can be very annoying. Leaky, noisy toilet valves can make you angry. It’s not always possible that you are able to fix the toilet valve.

Leaking toilet valve can cause lots of issues like; wastage of water, increase water usage, and increase your water bill. Also, your toilet can get yellow spots for continuous leakage of water.

There could be many reasons to have a leakage on the toilet. But most of the cases the problem lies within the toilet valve. So, you can guess the importance of how necessary it is to get a vale or replace your old one could be.

You will find hundreds of toilet valve in the market. But which one to choose? Plus, it will be a long term investment.  You need to find something reliable, and that can last for a few years.

In general, valves take a lot of pressure each time of usage. So you need something that has a good user rating and reputation.

To save your time and effort, we have researched the market and have listed some of the best performing toilet valves. In this article, we will select the best toilet valves that you can use with closed eyes. 

Best Toilet Valve Comparison Chart [2020]

We have researched the market and also went through the user ratings. The following toilet valves are some of the best ones available in the market:

7 Best Toilet Valve Reviews [2020]

1. Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High-Performance Toilet Fill Valve

This toilet valve is one of the top-rated valves from Fluidmaster. This model has a high-quality material. This has a fantastic performance record among the users.

The water-saving function is fantastic in this model. Though it saves a lot of water, the flush power is equally impressive.

This toilet valve is ideal to fix noisy and leaky toilets. It provides a water refilling rate that is double from any other toilet valves.

It saves a lot of time. This model has a large turbo port system, which delivers the water in the fastest way possible.

This valve comes with adjustable roller clamps. This ensures the control of the flotation of the floating device inside the tank.

You can adjust the height and set how much water will rise. This item is made with durable plastic. So there is no chance or corrosion. 


  • The refill time is 2 times faster than other valves.
  • It is efficient in performance. 
  • Easy to install.
  • There is no noise.
  • It comes with an adjustable height.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Not suitable for hard water.
  • The installation process can be tricky.

2. Korky 528 Toilet Fill Valve, Universal

This is an affordable and powerful valve from Korky. This valve solves three major issues like; slow refill, noise, and running toilet. This valve is silent, and you will have no sound.

It has a twist-lock system. It doesn’t require any extra tools and very easy to install. The universal design is adjustable with all designs of toilets.

It refills so fast, as it delivers a high volume of water. It has a simple and elegant design. This product has a very good use rating.


  • Universal size.
  • Easy to install.
  • Quick refill time.
  • It comes with additional items.
  • It is universal to all brands.


  • Some user complains about this being noisy.

3. TOTO TSU99A.X Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve Assembly for Toilet Tanks

If you had a leaky toilet valve in the past, then you can try this toilet valve from TOTO. It has a EcoPower technology that enables the valve to generate h

dropower. This valve also controls the water flow. This valve has no fabric. This product comes in three styles that you can choose from.

The three styles are; traditional, transitional, and contemporary. This valve also has a hydro test feature.

It ensures the tank water doesn’t get dirty. It reduces pollution is the most natural and effective way.

This valve also has a flow adjusting mechanism. Also, this valve has the best flushing mechanism. 


  • Adjustable water flow.
  • Self- generating hydropower.
  • It is made with durable plastic.
  • No fabric.
  • It has an adjustable height. 


  • The installation process is tough.
  • The refilling speed fluctuates. 

4. Kohler Genuine Part Gp1138930 Silent Fill Toilet Fill Valve Kit

Kohler is a famous brand for its remarkable bathroom items. This Gp1138930 is one of their bestselling things. This is a fantastic product in terms of both performance and design.

This item is durable and practical. You can trust on this blindly. It works on a water-saving mechanism. The fluid flow is adjustable, so you save a lot of water. You can expand the length up to 14 inches.

The installation is easy too. You just need the common tools to install it. This valve also fills water very quickly. It has a minimum waiting time. 


  • It has a beautiful design.
  • Good performance.
  • Adjustable fluid flow.
  • Minimum water re-fill time. 
  • It saves water. 


  • The user guide is a bit confusing. 

5. NEXT BY DANCO HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve

This is one of the affordable toilet valves. It tackles leakage and miscalibration. This valve ensures proper calibration by adjusting the water level in the tank. The refill process very fast, and you don’t have to wait for long.

It has a unique feature that makes an audible sound. The sound signals that you need to fix a problem. The water-saving feature is also very impressive. You can decide the water level at each time you flush. This feature allows you to save water.

There is a strong jet for the self-cleaning system. The valve cleans itself each time your flush.


  • Water-saving efficiency.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Auto-cleaning system.
  • Solves leakage and noise problems.
  • Fast refill process.


  • People complain about customer support.
  • No replacement items.

6. Mansfield Plumbing 08-11-1/2 Fill Valve

This is one of the less expensive valves with excellent performance. Despite being cost-effective, it delivers good quality.

It has a simple design, which is very easy to install. The plastic build ensures durability. It will last you for a few years, without any replacement. For daily use, this valve is perfect.

The refill time is also very fast. The size is universal and can be used in any toilet. It produces minimum noise.

Such good quality at such a reasonable price is amazing. This is a budget-friendly option that saves both time and money.


  • Universal size.
  • Minimum noise level.
  • Durable plastic build.
  • Easy to install.


  • Some people complain about the rubber top.

7. American Standard 7381125-400.0070A Fluid Master 400A Universal Toilet Water Fill Valve

We listed this model from the American standard for its excellent performance and quality.

This has a universal size that fits with almost any size toilet. This valve can be a little expensive than other products that I mentioned, but it has some additional features too.

It comes with a water control assembly feature. This allows maximum water savings.

The water connection point is made with brass so that you can add it without cross-threading. You won’t face any leakage problem with this valve.

This valve is reliable and comes with extra parts too. You will get a shank washer, refill tube, coupling washer, and coupling nuts with this.


  • It comes with a brass water control feature.
  • Reliable and dependable product.
  • Universal size.
  • Water-saving technology.
  • Lock and nuts ensure better tightening.
  • 400A replacement toilet fills valve.
  • Includes replacement parts.


  • It takes longer to refill time for a small hose diameter.
  • Difficult to adjust the water level.
  • This product is expensive.

Cause Of Problems In Your Toilet Valve

Here are some basic reasons that cause usual problems in your toilet valve:

  • Slow refill: It happens because the lid is not refilling fast enough to get a proper flush. When you flush, a little amount of water will come. 
  • Noisy: If your listening noises from your toilet tank, it is possible that the signal fill valve needs replacement.
  • Tanks are not refilling: This problem occurs when your valve is not working, and you are not getting water to flush. When it happens, replace your valve immediately. 
  • Leaking: If you have a leaking problem in your toilet, then fix it fast. As it can cause you a big water usage bill.

Buying Guide

Buying a toilet valve can be difficult, as you will find so many of those in the market comes with additional features. So you need to think if those extra featured valves are worth your money. 

Here are some key points that you need to keep in mind before buying a toilet valve:

Build Material:

Choosing a strong build item is the first thing you have to consider. Metal is durable, but it is corrosive too. Always remember, corrosion is the main reason for the toilet valves to get damaged.

To avoid something that is made of metal. The best toilet valves are made with plastics, rubbers, or other durable materials.

Adjustability: Matching the valve with the toilet tank can be hard. But thankfully, toilet valves can be adjustable. Buy something that can be adjusted with the flush tank.

Easy to install: Hiring someone to install your toilet valve can be pricey. Go for a toilet valve, which is easy to install or has an installation guide. It is better than the valve’s installation process to be easy.

Anti-Siphon: This feature is, most of the time, overlooked. It is an important one. The valve that has an anti-siphon feature makes sure the water flows in only one direction. This feature also maintains the cleanliness of the water that goes to the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are all toilet fill valves the same?

Most are entirely interchangeable and can fit the standard tank openings on any toilet, but you look for sizes, especially the valve stem’s length. Many modern bathrooms have a relatively small tank, and you’ll need to make sure the stem on the new fill valve is short enough.

How long does toilet fill valves last?

This depends on the quality of the parts matters. The replaceable parts like flappers and washers or seals will last at least 4 to 5 years. If you choose a chemical bowl cleaner, some flappers won’t even last one year.

Why does my toilet not refill after flushing?

The most crucial reasons for these problems are debris issues and the length of time a valve has been used.

Why does my toilet tank fill slowly?

A slow-filling toilet tank is the most common problem. Depending on your water pressure, a tank usually refills in about three minutes. You ensure that the water shutoff is entirely open for maximum water flow. If that doesn’t help, you might need to clean the pump and valve.

Are toilet flush valves universal?

Most toilets have a standard flush valve. This is just a primary 2-inch flush valve and flapper that lifts when you push the bathroom to handle down. If anybody has a running toilet and has replaced its flapper, but it doesn’t stop water from leaking, the bathroom should need a new flush valve.

Final Verdict

Among of these listed items, my favorite is the Kohler Genuine Part Gp1138930. Kohler is a well-known brand that makes high-quality items. If you want something durable and trustworthy, then try this product.

This valve is water efficient and used the minimum amount with every flush. With minimum water, it delivers powerful flush.

The valve is made with durable plastic, so it doesn’t get damaged easily. It has a universal size that is compatible with most of the standard toilets.

The fluid flow is adjustable too. It takes minimum time to refill. You don’t have to wait for a long time.

The products that we listed in this article have useful features along with amazing quality. They work well and suitable for almost any brand’s toilet.

The quality is good, and the lasting power is also impressive. You can choose any of the listed products without any doubt.