Best Toilet Under 200

Best Toilet Under 200

A toilet is necessary whether you’re living in a house or an apartment. If you want to find the best price for bathrooms and can’t afford to spend more than $200, it is the right place for you. In this price range, there are a lot of fancy toilet designs that will exceed your expectations.

A good toilet offers comfortable to sit on, flushes appropriately, and will make your bathroom proud. It is durable, comfortable, practical, and water-efficient at the same time. It also offers the flushing systems are efficient and effective.

This is suitable for both men and women. It also takes small space when installing it and uses less water per flushing.

Here we included some models available on the market, and you do not spend more than $200 to buy this. We also provide some necessary information to get the best toilet under $200 according to your needs.

Product Review Session:

1 TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet (Best elongated toilet)

The TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada is used only 1.28 GPF water, and the flush uses pressure instead of gravity. This model includes an elongated bowl, universal height, ADA compliant, and uses a flushometer valve system. Toto toilets are eco-friendly and offer powerful flush, which keeps the bowl as clean as possible.

This model gives you a more finished, seamless look, especially at the base of the tank. It includes an elongated two-piece toilet boasts a close-coupled design that makes it easy to clean.

Toto toilet comes with an E-Max flushing system that is a quiet and straightforward solution for effective flushing. It saves your money by reducing the electricity bill.

This particular model is equipped with a 3-inch flush valve that provides a powerful and consistent flush. It is ideal for smaller bathrooms need a toilet that isn’t as wide as other models.

This elongated bowl is very comfortable and stylish. Toto uses up to 20% less water compared to your standard toilet.

Key Features

· ASIN: B00H2Y52A0

· Includes ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant

· E-Max 1.28 GPF flushing system

· 3″ wide flush for extra water power

· offering additional water savings of 20%.

· One year limited warranty

· Consistent flow while flushing

· Two-Piece Elongated Toilet


· Extra-large siphon jet

· Universal Height for more comfort

· creates a powerful flush

· a quiet and straightforward solution

· effectively flushing 1.28 gallons

· Eco-Friendly

· easy to install

· Floor-mounted toilet kit

· Less water usage


· Seat not included

2 Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet (best toilet under $200)

The Kohler Wellworth elongated toilet brings graceful design to a wide range of bathroom styles. It is specially designed for small bathrooms and includes a 12″ round bowl, allowing most people to use the toilet comfortably. Its bowl is made from white porcelain that is not only sleek but also very durable.

This particular model water-efficient that offers plenty of flushing power. So it does not clog. These come with pre-installed tank bolts that make it easier to install the toilet.

Kohler’s tall toilets for the elderly are specially designed for extraordinary bulk-flushing performance. It fits with both modern and traditional styles.

This product allows you to save more water and money. Kohler toilets offer an excellent source of cleaning quality. It provides flexibility, as well as it is the best price for bathrooms.

This model allows the user to select either full or partial flush, using 1.6 or 1.1 GPF. It is designed to clean toilets in both commercial and residential settings.

Key Features

· Includes 12″ rough-in

· One-year limited warranty

· 1.6 Gallons per Flush

· Item Weight: 93 pounds


· Round front, standard-height toilet bowl

· provides tremendous bulk waste flushing performance

· Right-hand nested trip lever

· Class Five Flush Technology


· Easy to install

· Lots of flushing power

· Budget-Friendly Toilet

· 3-bolt Installation

· Fits a wide range of bathroom styles

· Durable


· It is too small not suitable for a larger room

3 American Standard 288DA114.020 Toilet (best toilet in the world)

The American standard is an ultra-high efficiency toilet that meets EPA WaterSense criteria. This is a one-piece and square-shaped toilet that the highest water-saving gravity.

It comes with an H2Optimum siphonic bathroom that grants you maximum water saving. American standard toilets are loaded with the Everclean surface that helps prevent the movement of bacteria, mold, and mildew on the toilet’s surface.

This particular model is water-efficient, beautiful, and reliable, giving more seating space and comfort to all individuals. It is made of durable vitreous china will perform flush after flush.

This product is suitable for both home and commercial use. Its seat is more comfortable and hygienic than any other plastic seat. It is the best toilet that eliminates the unnecessary waste of water.

This model is easy to maintain, and you do not need to clean it regularly. It includes decisive direct-fed siphon jet action to prevent clogging. This toilet kit comes with PowerWash Rim allows you to cleanse the toilet every time you flush the toilet.

Key Features

· Limited 5-year warranty

· 1.1 GPF Water Consumption

· Item Weight: 57.4 pounds


· Made of vitreous china

· Ultra high-efficiency toilet

· provides maximum water savings

· The round front design saves space

· Includes EverClean surface

· Includes Siphon jet bowl technology


· Water-saving

· Wide trap and flush valve

· very space-efficient

· offer a clean, frustration-free flush

· an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms

· High efficiency

· EPA certified

· Keeps clean for a long time


· The seat is not included.

4 Duravit 25350900922 Toilet wm 545mm D-Code white washdown model

The Duravit 25350900922 Toilet is an affordable, durable construction that is suitable for any washroom. It has a modern look with a smooth, sleek finish, making it easy to keep clean.

This model a large elongated bowl for comfort. It is equipped with dual flush, which allows the user to select the magnitude of the flush, saving water.

This particular model offers a powerful gravity-feed flush system and takes less space to install it. The Duravit wall-mounted toilet saves your floor space, keeps your washroom clean, and looks your bathroom bigger.

This product comes with some impressive flushing capabilities. It creates minimal noise when flushing it. Its installation process is tricky because it is a wall-hung design.

You must need a professional to install this model. This washdown toilet kit uses 1.6 GPF and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

Key Features

· ASIN: B0106C24LO

· 1.6 GPF Water Consumption

· Limited Lifetime Warranty

· Item Weight: 44.1 pounds

· Wall mount tankless toilet kit

· High-efficiency model

· Lightweight and durable construction

· Minimal noise flush

· Saves floor space


· Eco Friendly

· Low water consumption

· Durable

· Dual flush option

· Affordable

· easy to clean


· It is not ADA compliant.

5 Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet, (Best skirted toilets)

The Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet is specially designed for use in campers and RVs. It has a triple-action jet flush that ensures the toilet bowl is cleaned correctly with every flush.

This kit is equipped with a watertight flush ball system so that the water stays in the bowl and odors are kept in the holding tank.

This particular model is made of a polypropylene plastic material that makes it robust, durable, and lightweight. It has a plastic foot pedal for controlling the flushing system.

It is suitable for small spaces, and it is an inexpensive toilet. This low profile toilet consists of a gravity flush, which creates a powerful flush. It eliminates all the waste and provides a clean and fresh bathroom.

Dometic Standard Height Toilet ensures hygiene when flushing. So you do not need to touch anything for flushing. Its flush ensures superior, 360-degree cleanliness with its triple-jet bowl rinse that slowly swirls the entire bowl. That’s why we recommend this to our list.

Key Features

· Full-Size Residential Style Seat

· It is loaded Triple-jet bowl rinse

· Made of polypropylene material


· Item Weight: 8.25 pounds

· High-efficiency model

· Tankless floor-mounted kit


· Standard Height

· Water-saving

· Durable, Strong and Very Lightweight

· Gravity Flush

· Easy to clean

· Easy to install

· suited for RVs


· It should be tricky to use

Buying Guides

Below these things to consider before purchasing a new toilet kit:

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is essential for both your wallet and the environment. The American Standard has the most water-efficient flush on our list, with a 1.1 GPF.

The Toto is the second most eco-friendly option, with 1.28 GPF. The Duravit spends more water, like most standard toilets, with a 1.6 GPF value.


It is one of the most critical terms you should need to consider before purchasing. You should find a toilet that will last you a lifetime. So you must take the time to check the materials used and finishes as well.

They both play an essential role in making the loo remain sturdy over time. You must check those seat covers that provide durability and ensures high-quality.

Flushing mechanism

The flushing mechanism is a crucial term; you should need to consider it. You select a model that offers flushing multiple times to clear the waste. A heavy-duty, quality model has a powerful flushing system.


Quality depends on performance. It would be best if you looked for a product that offers durability and an excellent source of performance.


It would be best if you looked for a solidly built unit. It can boast of sturdy and durable materials to handle the Weight of the user. This will not bend, crack, or break even when used by a heavy person.

It is made of Molded plastic, or polyethylene is a common material. These are lightweight but still very tough. The raised toilet kit is hygienic and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are dual flush toilets worth it?

It would be best if you looked for the pros and cons of dual flush toilets. The advantages include saving water, saving money to reducing your water bill, and putting less pressure on the environment.

The downside is that you must clean your dual-flush toilets more often since they use less water.

What Is the Best Toilet Under $200?

The best toilets are usually available from $250 to $500 price range. A decent number of good toilet options are available under 200 dollars. Its performance and functionality are not compromised.

We recommend you to buy reputable companies like Toto, Kohler, and American Standard, as you can’t go wrong with them.


In the price range of $200, there is a wide range of high-quality toilets from top brands. It offers water-efficient and capable of flushing down both solid and liquid waste. We included some toilet models that are currently available on the market.

Among them, we think Kohler 528361 K-3977-0 Toilet is the best toilet under $200. We like it because It offers excellent quality and performance.

It provides an affordable, reliable floor-mounted toilet kit that gives you long-lasting performance. Kohler takes a small amount of water while flushing. It is eco-friendly and fits a wide range of brands.

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