5 Best Toilet Light Reviews – Buying Guide [2020]

Best Toilet Light Reviews

Are you searching for an affordable and quick way to add illumination toilet lights? Don’t worry about this article; you will get the right model for you.

The best toilet light offers safety in your bathroom. These are suitable for an adult person in your home.

Senior people can quickly move night time. Kids also love colorful options. It avoids injury and falls in light-dark spaces.

Lots of company makes toilet light that is available on the market. It will be challenging to find a proper toilet light bowl among them.

Here we reviewed some best options available on the market and provided some necessary information that helps you to see which one is right for your bathrooms.

5 Best Toilet Light Reviews [2020]

1. Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light with Dusk

The Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light works excellent to lighten dark areas in your home. It has a motion detector as well; the nightlight automatically lights up when the room is dark.

This LED Night Light Lamp offers thousands of hours working possible, so you do not need to replace them. It is better for an adult person who lives along in a home that helps to prevent falls.

The LED Night Light built-in smart light sensor, so you do not need to remember to set a timer. It is suitable for a hallway, kitchen, stairs, living room, bathroom, bedroom, nursery, anywhere you want a guiding light.

This compact size LED offers illumination and an affordable option for you. It does not interfere with the second outlet.

Key Features

  • Perfect for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen
  • Built-in smart light sensor
  • it does not block the second outlet
  • It has no bulbs to replace with long-life LEDs
  • In a dark place, you do not need other light


  • Bright enough
  • compact size
  • provides a light amount of light
  • hands-free operation
  • excellent flushing system
  • it runs automatically lights up when the room is dark
  • Motion detection
  • Easy to use
  • lighting device fits on every toilet


Battery has no backup system

2. Toilet Night Light 2Pack by Ailun Motion Activated LED Light Bowl Nightlight

These lamp night bowl manufactured by Ailun resembles the lamp is flat. It has eight colors with adjustable fit to make sure it stays in place. It helps to get back your bedroom safely.

This toilet bowl light target uses a motion detector to turn on as well illuminated for two minutes after it stops. This particular product uses three AAA batteries 1.5V that are not included. It is water-resistant but not waterproof.

A toilet light target is an excellent option for a senior person of your home; they move safely. It is perfect for private households or commercial and public spaces.

The motion-activated LED light includes an integrated high-frequency sensor that detects 360 with the 868 MHz radio connection.

This toilet target is easy to install, and the ceiling element is mounted.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B06XR9YC24
  • Offers 8 Different Colors Changing Toilet
  • Motion-Activated LED Sensor
  • It operates by three AAA batteries
  • Designed with a soft and flexible PVC neck
  • Protects your kids from stumbling around in the dark
  • Plastic materials Used
  • Cleaned with most household cleaners
  • UV sterilization
  • Battery-powered device


  • Easy to Install and Clean
  • Affordable
  • This LED is bright enough for safety
  • It allows you to get back to your bedroom safely
  • Automatically turn on when the place is dark enough
  • Suitable for any toilet
  • Universal mounting arm
  • Twin pack


  • It has no low battery features
  • It is not waterproof

3. Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light

The Vintar toilet light uses motion and light detector sensors to illuminate the room when someone enters the area. It prevents falls or injury, and you can quickly move into your bedroom.

This toilet light home depot lamp has 16-colors. So you can choose any colors or a carousel effect. The child enjoys these color options. It includes adjustable brightness levels so that you get adequate light even in dark bathrooms.

These Toilet Night Light fits on every toilet and offers a limited one-year warranty. It is a battery-powered model that does not need to purchase batteries regularly.

These include USB cables to charge it when it requires a charge. These models assure you that night visits to the bathroom are safe.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B01IT0K2OQ
  • provide a 12-month warranty
  • toilet bowl light comes with five different levels
  • 16 LED colors
  • detects body heat to illuminate the room automatically
  • Soft PVC suits in any flushing toilets
  • Excellent flushing system
  • Offers long-lasting performance
  • Motion and light detector sensor


  • Fit any toilet
  • Easy to install
  • Rechargeable
  • Has a low charge indicator which warns you when the battery is low
  • Do not use batteries
  • Runs when you need it
  • waterproof


  • Not UV
  • Do not provide ambient light

4. LumiLux Toilet Lights Motion Detection

Lumilux toilet light is an inexpensive option for you. It offers 16 colors so you can easily choose a color for your toilet.

The LED comes on automatically when you come in and stops when you leave. It offers durability and long-lasting performance.

Lumilux toilet bowl light manual includes a 5-stage dimmer and provides enough brightness in a dark area.

It is safe when using energy-efficient and kid-friendly. Your child loves these options because it allows for multi-colored.

These offers 6-month to 1-year average battery life depends on the brightness you setting and frequency level.

Lumilux toilet light instructions are easy to use and suitable for any toilet bowl. It is small, and compact design will integrate seamlessly with any bathroom décor.

The installation process is simple, just simply3 batteries, and bend its flexible arm to attach the unit onto any size toilet bowl. 

Key Features

  • ASIN: B01M2ZI34E
  • 16-LED colors LED Toilet Bowl Light
  • Internal Memory
  • Light Detection target toilet
  • Lifetime warranty
  • detects light to maximize battery life
  • fits onto any size toilet bowl
  • easy-to-use


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Flexible arm
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • 5 stage dimmer
  • durable
  • affordable price tag
  • Blinks when the power is low


Needs three AAA batteries that not include

Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light

The rechargeable target toilet light bowl is the budget-friendly and waterproof option manufactured by Witshine.

This affordable product has 16 colors LEDs your child love this color as well as glowing water inside their lighted potty and will never fear of the dark.

This standard toilet target stands for a modern design and high-quality construction. The Motion Activated LED Light Bowl detects body heat as far as 18 feet away to automatically illuminate the room when someone enters or leaves.

This particular model is environmentally friendly and offers 12 months warranty as well as lifetime technical support.

This Toilet Bowl Night Light has five different brightness levels, which is bright enough for dark areas in your bathroom. It comes with a flexible arm that fits any toilet size. It is rechargeable, so you do not need to replace the battery.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B075S9WZK6
  • 5-brightness levels
  • 170 degrees coverage motion sensor
  • Two sensors for activation and deactivation
  • Flexible arm for the easy installation process
  • It uses 3AAA batteries
  • One year warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Offers a mini midnight party in your bathroom
  • USB charging cables includes
  • Eco-friendly


  • Affordable
  • It has 16 colors LED
  • Easy to clean
  • Children love glowing water inside their lighted potty
  • Appropriate illumination based on your choice
  • It is a unique and funny gift idea
  • Waterproof and offers comfort
  • You don’t have to replace the battery


Some people complained it’s not suitable for men

Buying Guides


Brightness is a critical issue you need to consider. Determine the area, whether it illuminates or not. The LED light is a smart choice for you; it provides enough brightness in the dark area.


Toilet lights are available in seat lights, LED lights, and other variations. All these types exist sanitary elements.

The LED lights that you can it with batteries or plug into an outlet. Some product uses motion and light sensor technology that is a more convenient option for you.

Power Source

The power source is another crucial option that needs to consider before purchasing. These can affect the cost of the products of operation.

The LED lights offer thousands of hours working possible. It provides a low battery warning indicator so that you can charge it quickly.


Before purchasing a toilet light, you make sure that it offers a warranty. The more extended warranty period is better than a shorter warranty.

Because more extended warranty provides long time replacement and repair options. Usually, one year warranty is good but the lifetime warranty is better for you.


Price is the important terms you need to consider. A light toilet bowl is available at many prices.

In our article, we review some reasonable price items, and we also take high-quality products so that you can use this long-time.


Colors are a critical factor that needs to consider before buying. Some toilet lights produce 8 colors, and some produce 16 colors.

Sixteen colors are better because it makes your toilet more colorful in a dark area. You can also choose the rainbow options that create a beautiful display.


How do you adjust the brightness level on your light bowl?

A. Just hold the button in on your Illumibowl until the brightness level changes and adjust it.

How do you set the color on the toilet lights?

A. To set the color on your bowl, you just simply press the side button, and the color is visible. If you resume the color cycle, just press the button again.

How do you adjust the arm to fit your toilet?

A. I measure the arm against the top rim of our toilet bowl as well as bend it off the rim. Then remove the bound and curves in both sides of the rim 90 degrees now place it your toilet. It will be fit in your bathroom.

What is an elongated toilet bowl?

An elongated bowl is oval, extending several inches more into the front of your room. As your bathrooms become more extensive, the elongated bowl becomes more common, making it seem more contemporary in appearance. The round bowl shape is associated with older, smaller baths.

Is wood or plastic better for toilet seats?

One of the principal advantages of wooden toilet seats over plastic offers durability. Wooden seats tend to be relatively thicker than plastic ones, and as you can expect, are less likely to break.

How often should you replace your toilet seat?

Toilet seats will generally last for five or more years. The toilet seat will last depending on several factors, including the toilet seat’s material, the quality of the hardware, and the amount of use it receives.

Which is better single or dual flush toilets?

Single flush systems are more comfortable to operate. In every flush is rated at 1.28 GPF. The dual-lever flushing offers two choices, a half flush for liquids and a full 1.6 gallons for solids waste. For private bathrooms with one or two persons, a dual-flush toilet is a perfect choice.


Toilet lights are essential options for senior people of your family. It provides safety in the night and prevents falls or injuries. Kids also love these types of lights.

We think Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light with Dusk is the best toilet lights available in the market. We like it because it is a hand-free operation.

It has a motion-activated sensor. It runs when you enter the rooms and stops when you leave.

It is perfect for a senior person of your family they can move quickly in the night time.

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