Best Slow Close Toilet Seat

Best Slow Close Toilet Seat

Good toilet seats are comfortable and tend to last a long time. It perfectly fits any washroom or bathroom space is the toilet seat. This can also add radiance to your restroom, depending on the color and style. It also included all of the things that you want to see your toilet seat.

The slow close toilet seat is very safe to use. It minimizes the amount of noise and damage to your bowl. These types of seats come in many different colors and keep your washroom sanitary clean.

It becomes popular day by day for customers. Its included material varies, and it also determines how long your toilet seat will last.

Here we included some slow-close toilet seat models that are currently available on the market. We also provide some necessary information to get the best slow-close toilet seat for your home quickly.

Product Review Session:

1 KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

The Kohler elongated toilet seat soft close is ideal for most elongated toilets. It is made of upgraded polypropylene plastic that is resistant to fading, chipping, and stains.

Kohler toilet seats elongated combine subtle styling and innovative technology that feels more comfortable than the previous version. It is unique design rubber bumpers to hold firmly that provides safety.

Kohler soft close toilet seat dampers include a Quick-Close design that keeps the seat, lid firmly affixed to the toilet and prevents any unintentional slips.

It is easily removed for deep cleaning and then reattached. Kohler elongated toilet seat almond boasts of the latest technology that offers easy installation process and cleaning while preventing slamming.

This product can bear the high load as well as provide safety and stability. Kohler is compatible with a wide range of toilets designs and ideal for low-medium budgets.

Its grip tight bumpers prevent shifting and added durability. This quick-release functional hinges model allows the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for convenient and effortless cleaning.

Key Features

· ASIN: B000TFHN56

· Item Weight: 2 pounds

· One-Year Limited Warranty

· Fits elongated one- and two-piece toilets

· prevents the lid and seat from slamming

· lid design makes a clean and sleek look

· Compatible with a wide range of toilet designs

· enables resistance to peel, chipping, fading, and staining


· Easy to clean

· Quick-Attach Hardware

· easy removal and convenient cleaning

· add stability and prevent shifting

· Easy to install

· more durable bathroom fixtures

· Grips to bowl for slip prevention

· Long-lasting performance

· It is sturdy


· Not comfortable for the elderly

· Suitable for elongated toilet bowls only

2 BEMIS 500EC 000 Toilet Seat

The Bemis toilet seat is a highly economical model that provides a wide variety of designs to easily integrate into any bathroom. This toilet seat comes with bumpers and hinges.

Bemis Company is famous for its toilet seat quality, innovation, and style to worldwide residential and commercial properties.

It is plain, simple, and not made of cheap flimsy plastic as well. It’s made from sturdy and stylish wood material. This toilet seat is durable and matches various elongated toilet bowl design.

Bemis toilet seat gives a warm feeling when sitting on. These soft-close seats eliminate annoying lid slams by closing slowly and quietly.

This particular model includes Quick Removal functions that allow the lid to be removed entirely for easy cleaning. Bemis seat bumpers enable the seat to be installed quickly and easily.

It eliminates slipping and sliding of the lid by gripping onto the toilet bowl. This model includes a carbon filter that removes those death gripping bathroom odors.

Key Features

· Available in 10 colors

· ASIN: B002R5B1CW

· Limited 1 Year Warranty

· Item Weight: 5.83 pounds

· Seat removes easily for cleaning

· made of molded wood

· Give a warm feeling

· Fastening system never loosens

· free of wear, stains, and chipping


· Can be installed in minutes

· Easy to clean

· Eco Friendly

· perfect for home usage

· reasonable price tag

· Fits all round toilet seats


· Not ideal for large users

· Requires specific cleaning tools

3 BATH ROYALE BR606-00 Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

The Bath Royale elongated toilet seat compatible with all toilet brands and included non-standard mounting hole spacings 4.5-6.5 inches.

These models are more reliable, sanitary, and longer-lasting than painted wood or vinyl-covered foam soft seats. It prevents loud slamming, cracked toilets, or pinched fingers.

This particular model keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. It is smooth and relatively flat for easy cleaning. These slip-resistant bumpers provide stability and durability.

Bath Royale round toilet seat comes equipped with a one-touch quick-release function. It closes slowly, quietly for preventing accidents such as pinched fingers and cracked toilets.

Bath Royale Premium Elongated Toilet Seat perfect for lower back pain. It is made of durable polypropylene material, fade, peel resistant, and sturdy. These are loaded with a quick installation process that makes decorating the bathroom comfortable.

This premium seat combats the buildup of harmful bacteria on the surface. It fits all washroom decors, hence, able to complement your bathroom decor.

Key Features

· Replacement Toilet Seat Fits All Toilet Brands


· Item Weight: 3.6 pounds

· Premium & Superior Models provides a beautiful high-gloss finish

· toilet seat is smart looking and very sleek

· Comes in elongated and round options

· Can easily be uninstalled

· on-standard mounting hole spacings 4.5-6.5 inches

· offers non-absorbent, chemical and stain resistant

· Limited 2-year warranty


· Easy to install

· Easy to clean

· Durability

· super comfortable

· Soft-close hinges

· Made from a durable material


· Not suitable for children

4 Delta Faucet Morgan Round Front Slow-Close White Toilet Seat

The Delta Faucet comfort toilet seat closes quietly and helps to prevent slamming. It includes a durable finish that is resistant to staining, fading, chipping, and peeling. This non-slip toilet seat bumpers improve stability for extra comfort. It Includes mounting hardware for DIY peace of mind.

Delta Faucet is an easy to install kit that gives you services for years. It performs well and is quite reliable. This no-slip bumper improves its stability for additional comfort.

Delta Faucet was designed and made for excellent durability and functionality. It comes in handy to prevent slamming that breaks most seats.

This product comes to the quality and value to provide long-lasting performance. Delta Faucet is ideal for you if you don’t want to disturb others in the middle of the night.

It includes rust-resistant stainless-steel hinges that ensure a perfect fit. This model is a loaded slow-close hinge that ensures easily removed for quick cleaning.

Key Features

· Non-Slip Seat Bumpers

· Fast and secure installation

· Includes Solid construction added durability

· Universal fit on most elongated front bowls


· Item Weight: 3.92 pounds

· 1-year Limited Warranty

· Soft-close technology


· Easy to clean

· Sturdiness

· prevents slamming

· improve stability for extra comfort

· suitable for any kinds of persons

· Gentle closing


· Expensive

· Not ideal for commercial use

5 TOTO Transitional Soft Close SS114#01 Elongated Soft Close SEAT

The TOTO Transitional Elongated Soft Close Seat is designed with an advanced hinge system that gently and quietly bowls. This seat is the perfect choice for any bathroom decor and includes rubber pads for better stability.

It is a durable solid, high-impact, high gloss polypropylene material for excellent durability and functionality.

These cheap toilet seats are loaded Sleek and slim design with an elongated shape creates a seamless look. It includes Soft Close Technology that reduces the chance of damage and injury.

TOTO enhances your daily life while maintaining beauty and innovation. It keeps slamming because the sound hits a different nerve.

This model comes with two shapes, which are Round and Elongated and available in multiple colors. This is the best toilet seat for a heavy person that currently available on the market.

Key Features

· Elongated Soft Close Seat

· Soft Close action reduces injury

· Soft Close Technology

· Easy Installation process

· includes rubber pads for better stability

· ASIN: B0018LD9GW

· One Year Limited Warranty

· color matches perfectly


· Comfortable and fits perfectly

· Sleek and slim design

· perfect choice for any bathroom décor

· bowl gently and quietly

· includes a glittery and robust polypropylene material

· Molded bumpers for extra security


· need retightening often

Buying Guides

Which is the best toilet seat to buy?

Below these things to consider before purchasing a new slow-close toilet seat:

Cleansing Toilet Seat

You look for a cleansing seat that offers a personal bidet function that cleans your backside by shooting pressurized water. This toilet seat shoots a stream of water onto the body for extra cleansing after using the toilet.

It also offers general cleanliness and comfort. These toilets are suitable for those who are experiencing stitches and pain after intimate surgeries.


It would be best if you considered a toilet seat that is flexible yet durable to handle the weights of the users. The heavy-duty models are made of rigid plastics and wood material.

Closing system

It would help if you considered a toilet seat that offers slow-close ability because a slow-close model is designed to shut slowly and quietly.

Ease of installation

The seats with a secure bolt or clamp installation fit into your toilet bowls perfectly. The complex ones can compromise the functionality and even cost you money.


One of the essential terms in the shape of your bathroom. It included two common shapes like round and elongated. You can found a Round toilet in older homes, while elongated toilets are more popular with modern plumbing features. It’s essential to know the shape of your bathroom so you can pick a seat that fits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can you understand which shape of toilet seat do you need?

It would help if you determined the shape of your toilet bowl, and depending on its configuration. Then you should choose the toilet seat; if your toilet seat is round or elongated, you must select a round or elongated shaped toilet seat, respectively.

How can anybody adjust a soft close toilet seat?

At first, you take a screwdriver to start the job. Then loosen the screws of your required toilet seat. Lastly, you can adjust this to the right position by adjusting the hinges of the chair.


A good slow-close seat offers more comfort and fits perfectly with most other brands. These toilet seats are available in many different colors, so you can easily find what perfectly matches your toilet.

We included some slow-close toilet seats that are available on the market. Among them, we think KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat is the best slow-close toilet seat.

We like it because it allows the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for convenient and effortless cleaning. It is durable and can take all kinds of abuse. This toilet seat model is compatible with a wide range of toilets designs and ideal for low-medium budgets.

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