5 Best RV Toilet Paper Reviews of 2020 [Buying Guide]

best RV toilet paper reviews

In your RV, you cannot use to much water. What can you do? The best option is taking toilet tissues.

Most of the users have no interest to use toilet paper. There are a couple of facts behind this tendency.

The maximum toilet papers give an irritating feeling. Sometimes it is responsible for serious skin diseases. As a result, people do not want to use it. So what are the suitable options?

I still prefer you to take toilet tissues with a condition. My condition is only picking quality models.

A quality brand never delivers any discomfort to its users. Never hesitate to use toilet paper if it has quality. Always go for the best toilet paper for the septic tanks.

Best RV Toilet Paper Comparison Chart [2020]:

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Every company is demanding they are superb in class. Remember that only those items are used that gain the user`s satisfaction. Never ignore the expert`s opinion.

To discover the premium goods, I studied a lot. Finally, I got my expected products. I noticed that these items have essential, unique properties.

In the below, I am unveiling these descriptions to give you a primary idea. This fundamental knowledge will help you to take the right decision in the purchasing time.

5 Best RV Toilet Paper Reviews:

  • Scott 4PK Rapid-Dissolving RV Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper
  • Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue
  • Camco 40275 RV 1-Ply Toilet Tissue Paper
  • Seventh Generation Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue
  • Valterra Q23638 RV Softness Toilet Tissue Roll

1. Scott 4PK Rapid-Dissolving RV Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper:

Scott 4PK Rapid-Dissolving RV Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper

Scott is a pretty suitable material for your recreational vehicle. This is also allowing you to use it for multiple purposes.

You can use this versatile item in your marine vehicle, bus, camps, and many other places.

This is giving you a quick dissolving mechanism. Comparatively, it can dissolve 4 times faster than any other models.

I also inspected its safety features. I find that the item is safe enough to use. It gains many approval certificates for its safety.

Also, I noticed its smoothness and softness. This super soft paper gives you a pleasant feeling. You will never face any irritation and any discomfort.


– This is versatile
– Safe to use
– Rapid dissolving capability

Overall, this is an ideal toilet paper.

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2. Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue:

Thetford 03300 Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue
Thetford is offering you an excellent portable sanitation mechanism with a super dissolving capability. This can be your right traveling partner.

It is pretty suitable for your RV toilet. Even you can use it on your marine boat. That proves that it is versatile toilet tissue.

I was surprised to see its exclusive derivatives. There is no possibility of clogging. Besides this, it is quite smooth and provides a relaxable feel during the using moment.

The price is a little bit high but not out of your range. My opinion is you should take it in your every trip and vacation. In general, this product is ideal for RV toilet.

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3. Camco 40275 RV 1-Ply Toilet Tissue Paper:

Camco 40275 RV 1-Ply Toilet Tissue Paper

Camco is a trusted brand in all time. It has excellent reliability for the end-users. For this reason, this has a massive number of review. This adorable item is now top in the market competition.

You can enjoy a couple of facilities from this innovative model. It never compromises with the safety issues. There is no chance of clogging.

It will never irritate when you are using it. This is safe enough for your health. You will get a rapid dissolving guarantee.

Besides, you will get a pleasant fragrance from this biodegradable toilet paper. One drawback I noticed that it is a bit thinner than other models. Most of the users ignore it or take it as a minor fault.

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4. Seventh Generation Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper, Bath Tissue
Seventh Generation toilet paper is offering you a couple of superior facilities. It is quite soft and comfortable to your skin. You can use it for your sensitive skin.

Yes, it is soft, but you cannot damage it quickly. It is mild in feel but strong in nature. On the other hand, it is durable too.

The company is ensuring you that there are no harmful ingredients included. There is no ink, dye or any toxic chemical. In a word, this is a perfect toilet paper for RV. It could be your top choice.

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5. Valterra Q23638 RV Softness Toilet Tissue Roll

Valterra Q23638 RV Softness Toilet Tissue Roll

Valterra comes with incredible softness and a gentle feeling. This exclusive item has vast reviews and very demandable to the consumers.

It has a good quality with an adequate quantity. Another cool thing I noticed from valterra is its faster break down. The dissolving capability is impressive.

This well-recognized item is free from clogging and never a threat to the sensitive skin. Another derivative I noticed that it is pertinent to the toilet tank.

You need to keep your trust on this famous brand. Hopefully, you will get satisfactory feedback. I highly suggest you to end-use. Make it your reliable traveling partner.

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What are the buying secrets for RV toilet tissues?

There are no complicated things to do to get the proper product. You need to know the simple but hidden secrets. Depending on your skin type you should select your objects.

Price is a big issue but never compromise with quality. Before buying check the reviews. Make sure the product you are going to buy has a good impression in the market. You should also check its demand. If the demand is high, definitely it is a classy object.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can anybody keep their septic system healthy?

Proper care and feeding of the septic system shouldn’t be more accessible. Fix all the leaks, be frugal with the water, and not flush chemicals, garbage, and grease. You should check your septic system at least every five years and pumped when required. It requires to keep a maintenance schedule on your septic system.

What toilet paper does not contain formaldehyde?

We included some brands that offer Earth Friendly Products. These are dye, perfume, and chlorine bleach-free. It also formaldehyde-free, but an ordinary toilet paper contains formaldehyde.

How often should 1000-gallon septic be pumped?

For example, a 1,000-gallon septic tank, which is used by two people, should be pumped every six years. If you have eight family members using a 1,000-gallon septic tank, it should be pumped every year.

Can you be sensitive to toilet paper?

Yes, you can be allergic to certain chemicals, like fragrance, used in your toilet paper. It can cause a case of vulvitis, often shows up as itching, burning, redness, or swelling. If you find these symptoms in your skin after using a new TP, switch brands.

Is Charmin toilet paper terrible for pipes?

Charmin Ultra Soft is a standard premium toilet paper. Its packaging claimed that it’s a no plunger toilet paper. It won’t clog your pipes. Cheap brands can break down very quickly because they are thin.

How long does it take to get a septic tank pumped?

It should take a septic pumper between 20 and 35 minutes to clean a 1000 or 1250 septic tank, including 1 or 2 backwashes, if needed.

Is sewer gas in RV dangerous?

A sewer gas smell is terrible, but it is dangerous and can damage your health if you allow it to seep into your Reactional vehicles. You make sure that no tank odors seep into your RV. You should always keep a few inches of water in the toilet bowl whenever you are parked.

What toilet paper breaks down the fastest?

We recommend Scott’s rapid dissolve roll is the fastest dissolving toilet paper. If you don’t want to waste time cleaning the RV’s waste tank, this toilet paper is an excellent choice. For Boats Freedom Living Toilet Tissue, toilet paper doesn’t have any disgusting and harsh chemicals.

What is the significant difference between RV toilet paper and regular toilet paper?

Toilet paper made for RV use breaks down much faster than the toilet paper you use in your home. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or abrasive; it does have to break down quickly.

Is RV toilet paper OK for home use?

RV toilet paper is supposed to deteriorate quickly to avoid clogging up your sewage system. It is specially formulated for RV use and will always be safe to use.


For a sound journey in your relational car, a quality toilet and perfect toilet paper are essential. Besides a classy toilet, take the premium toilet papers.

When the matter is about class and quality; definitely, my offered items are the best. You can take anyone from the mentioned brands and enjoy the satisfactory service. These could be your awesome traveling stuff.

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