6 Best RV Toilet Chemicals – Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

best RV toilet chemicals

Cleaning your RV is not a big deal if you can get the right cleaner. The question is what you should use to clean for your RV.

For RV, different types of chemical solutions are used. Some are even using a homemade solution to save money.

You need to apply those items that are effective. Now a day, specific kind of toilet chemicals are available in the market. These are specially made for RV and marine toilet.

Best RV Toilet Chemicals Comparison Chart:

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6 Best RV Toilet Chemicals Reviews [2020]:

  • Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment – Editor’s Choice
  • Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – Editor’s Choice
  • Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer – Best of the Best
  • Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment
  • Thetford 28614 Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Treatment
  • Camco 41182 TST Orange Drop-Ins Holding Tank Treatment

1. Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment: Unique RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment - Editor's Choice

This model comes with a unique and innovative design. You can get a robust digesting power.

It tremendously digests the substantial wastages and makes your toilet clean.

It actively eliminates the unpleasant odor and gives a fresh fragrance. This is also great for unclogging the clogged stuff.

The advanced formula is free from formaldehyde, but a strong a threat to the germs and bacteria. The only one drawback I found that it takes much time to complete the task.

Overall, this is an excellent chemical agent for your toilet. This pretty safe and effective item is very cheap. Within your limited budget, you can own it and enjoy the cool performance.

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2. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – Editor’s Choice Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment - Editor's Choice

No one likes a bad odor from their toilet. A pleasant fresh fragrance is everyone`s requirement. Happy Campers Organic is a perfect chemical agent to neutralize lousy odor from your toilet.

After that, you will get an odor-free toilet. This is also reliable for your holding tank. For its cool performance, now it is the most demandable product on the market.

The product is a bit costly but take it as an investment. It will give you ultimate satisfaction.

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3.Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment

Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment

Camco 41507 is offering you a magical service. It contains a lot of innovative facilities with exclusive features. Camo can deal with the hardy wastage and germs.

This stable item is quite temperature sensitive. For its excellent performance, it is getting popular and becoming a top reviewed RV toilet cleaning agent. You can consider it. Hopefully, it can satisfy you.

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4. Thetford 28614 Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Treatment:Thetford 28614 Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Treatment

This is another magnificent cleaning agent from my favorite list. This liquid deodorant is a proper solution to clean your luxurious RV toilet.

The effective operation breaks the solid wastage and dissolves it into the water. You will get a naturally pleasant scent instead of an unbearable smell.

Another cool thing comes from it is versatility. You can use this magnificent chemical agent to clean the drain. For its stability and a great operation, end-users keep trust on it. You can also rely on it to treat your RV toilet.

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5. Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer – Best of the Best Walex BIO-11530 Bio-Pak Natural Holding Tank Deodorizer

This model is well-recognized for the powerful operation against solid wastage and bad smell. You can use it both in your RV and in your marine toilet.

The powerful deodorizing mechanism converts the hard wastage in a liquid form. This chemical agent is free from formaldehyde.

This is an excellent item for your RV. Even you are allowed to use it in camping, marine ride, and many other places.

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6. Camco 41182 TST Orange Drop-Ins Holding Tank Treatment:

Camco 41182 TST Orange Drop-Ins Holding Tank Treatment

From this model, you will get a fruitful performance. It is also assuring your safety guarantee. This chemical item is free from formaldehyde.

It is pretty useful to clean your holding tank and provide refreshing perfume. This user-friendly product will never be the reason for your tank damage.

The item is moisture sensitive. So keep your hand dry before touching the bottle. It is the best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste.

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What are the RV toilet chemicals?

RV chemicals are a combination of enzymes. These enzymes are used to break substantial wastage and eliminate odor. This easy technique is the most acceptable to all RV users.

Why should you use RV toilet chemical?

RV toilet is not similar to the typical household toilet. The household toilet gets flushing features. As a result, the wastages transfer in a far place.

On the other hand, RV toilet has no chance to transfer its wastage easily. As RV toilets use limited to water, it has the possibility be out of tolerance.

For those several reasons, you need to use chemicals. A good quality RV toilet chemical brand can solve the mentioned problems.

What are the available forms of RV toilet chemicals?

Generally, you will get it in two forms. One is liquid form. The liquid form is widely accessible and easy to apply. Another is the tablet form. This is also workable and effective.

What are the best RV chemicals?

To get the best RV chemical, I did some study and took the expert`s guideline. Besides this, I also check the market review and the user`s requirements.

Based on these several facts, at least I selected 6 items for review. These items have a huge demand in the market and the most usable products.

In the below, I give a brief overview to provide you with an initial idea. Based on my provided information, you can select your expected RV chemical.

How to use RV toilet chemicals?

There is no complicated procedure. You can easily apply both the liquid and tablet type chemicals. Put the required amount of chemicals on the toilet tank and old on some minutes to dissolve it.

Some chemicals take much time for dissolving. Do not worry, wait a couple of minutes for the result.

What are the pre-buying guidelines?

You do not need to take any serious steps. Before buying check the reviews, brands and the quality.

Give priority to the stability and user`s reliability. Try to get affordable goods, but never compromise with the class.

Homemade RV toilet chemicals:

Some users tend to form RV chemical. I never appreciate it. Most of the time, these items are not useful. People claim that it can save you money. I do not think so.

To make this type of chemical, one needs considerable knowledge and research. This the only possible from the renowned brand.

That’s why I suggest you rely on the well-recognized brand. Stop to make suck type of chemicals at home. It would be the wrong decision.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can anybody keep their septic system healthy?

Proper care and feeding of the septic system shouldn’t be more accessible. Fix all the leaks, be frugal with the water, and not flush chemicals, garbage, and grease. You should check your septic system at least every five years and pumped when required. It requires to keep a maintenance schedule on your septic system.

Do septic tank additives work?

Manufacturers of septic tank treatments claim their products help break down the solid waste layer or the scum layer so you won’t need to have your tank pumped as often. Other products promised to restore a clogged soil absorption system. They won’t harm your system, but they don’t help, either.

Is septic tank treatment necessary?

If you are a homeowner, and you’ve tried to sell you on the idea of septic tank additives at one time or another. It doesn’t require any septic additives for many homeowners because a healthy septic system offers everything needed to perform its job of treating and getting rid of waste.

Is sewer gas in RV dangerous?

A sewer gas smell is terrible, but it is dangerous and can damage your health if you allow it to seep into your Reactional vehicles. You make sure that no tank odors seep into your RV. You should always keep a few inches of water in the toilet bowl whenever you are parked.

How to Clean RV Black Tank:



My offered objects can make your RV toilet clean and hygienic. As a result, you can enjoy a healthy journey.

So my final advice is to select any one form my favorite list. Your perfect selection could be your perfect traveling partner.

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