Best Raised Toilet Seat

Best Raised Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat is essential for those who have to be careful about certain life aspects. It can help older people, especially patients who have arthritis.

This seat offers limited mobility to use the restroom with the absence of assistance safely. This seat makes it easier for people to sit down and use it to prevent them from falling.

A good raised toilet seat is necessary for people recovering from knee, hip, or back surgery.

It is specially made for sufferers with bone problems, joint pains, and other body pains. It can also reduce this kind of common medical condition among aging individuals.

Here we describe some well-built raised toilet seats that currently available on the market. We also provide some necessary information to get the best-raised toilet seat according to your needs.

Product Review Session:

1 Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat (Best raised toilet seat)

The Drive Medical Elevated toilet seat riser adds 5-inches height to your existing bathroom kit and works fast and effortlessly. It is made of anti-bacterial, heavy-duty plastic that can be wiped down and cleaned quickly.

This kit boasts a front recess area, making it easier to reach and wipe. These are loaded a locking mechanism, an anti-slip surface, and push pins to keep the seat firmly in place. This raised toilet is entirely hygienic and provides comfort when used.

This elevated model includes Removable padded grab bar handrail handles that give you a comfortable grip and seamless. It is ADA compliant that ensures germ-resistant and can withstand frequent, long-lasting use.

Drive Medical is specially designed to boost both comfort and functionality. It offers an easy installation process and added durability. Its locking mechanism ensures you have a secure fit on the toilet bowl rim.

Drive Medical elevated toilet kit is easy to clean, so you can remove it when it is not used. It is suitable for people who have difficulty sitting down and getting up due to joint pains or limited mobility. It serves as a solution, security, and safety for its users.

This product is securely fit on almost any toilet and simple to operate. It gives an extra level of protection for patients and supports their bodies. This model prevents accidents and keeps the elderly safe too.

Key Features

· elevated toilet seat

· raised toilet seat with frame


· Item weight: 5 pounds

· Fits all standard toilets and elongated toilets

· adds 5″ to a height of toilet seat

· easy-to-clean heavy-duty molded plastic

· designed as a bathroom safety solution

· Removable padded handlebars

· Tool-free installation


· lightweight and portable

· durable and hygienic

· offer increased security

· Easy to clean

· Setting it up is easy

· Flexible and adjustable


· quite small

· it looks at one point only

2 Vive Raised Toilet Seat – 5″ portable, and Elevated Riser (Best toilet seat riser)

The Vive Raised Toilet kit adds 5-inches height to your existing toilet seat or any standard or elongated toilet bowl.

It includes comfortable padded handles that make it easier and safer to sit. This portable toilet seat is designed to work with different toilets and compatible with specific elongated toilet bowls.

The portable raised toilet seat adds to its comfortability allowing the user’s to remain seated. It is easy to use and pain-free.

This portable toilet seat riser equipped with padded cushions to add extra support. Vive Raised meets the criteria of all possible washroom solutions and cleaned for maintaining hygienic bathroom conditions.

This particular model is quite affordable and can offer elderly comfort and security while in the bathroom.

It includes handles that are attached for an extra level of protection and gives you long-lasting performance. This kit ensures a secure fit on the toilet bowl rim and provides a comfortable grip to lift off the toilet seat.

Key Features

· Elongated and Standard Fit Commode Lifter

· Bathroom Safety Extender Assists Disabled, Elderly, Seniors, Handicapped


· Item weight: 7.05 pounds

· Contoured Design with Padded Handles

· Made with durable material

· Compatible with a wide range of bathroom designs

· Seat removes easily for cleaning

· lightweight and convenient to carry

· portable toilet seat for elderly


· Added Height to Easily Sit

· Easy Tool-Free Installation

· Portable, Durable and Easy to Clean

· comfortable padded handles

· add stability and prevent shifting

· Long-lasting performance

· It is sturdy

· Eco Friendly


· Require more safety

3 Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet seat (Best raised toilet seat for hip replacement)

The Essential Medical Supply adjustable toilet seat is the perfect choice for people who face unhealthy situations when performing their bathroom activities.

These models are more reliable, sanitary, and longer-lasting than other standard models. This raised toilet seat for the elderly ensures arms can be easily removed to fit whatever the user wants.

This particular model is convenient for bending issues, severe pain in the joints, or some disabilities.

It comes with complete instructions to help you install the raised seat properly. These tools are easy to clean, and you feel comfortable when used.

The elevated seat with legs offers the choice of removing the arms, as and when necessary. It is suitable for seniors to use the restroom without assistance.

This boasts removable, padded sleeves that offer extra support while standing or sitting down. It also gives you a hassle-free installation process.

Key Features

· raised toilet seat with arms and legs

· ASIN: B00CW811LK

· Item weight: 3.5 pounds

· Includes Easy Installation process

· elongated seats for plus-sized seniors

· hold the tool firmly and securely in place

· Removable Arms for Preference


· prevent any disease or health condition

· can fit both standard and elongated toilets

· easy to clean

· Highly comfortable

· Sturdy-Focus Design

· Provides safety

· perfect one for aged people


· Its width of the handle is too narrow.

4 AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat (Best raised toilet seats for elderly)

The AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat is a lightweight and ultra-portable and perfect choice for elderly or disabled relatives.

You can easily wipe down and clean it when used. This model elevates the toilet 4 inches higher than a regular seat. It offers seamless, easy to clean, polyethylene construction.

This raised toilet seat with a safety frame provides a more comfortable and safer way to get on and off the toilet. It is made of durable plastic to get a high level of comfort.

This model is compatible with most regular shaped baths with the easy tool-free installation. It is suitable for those who got hip surgery or other injuries. Praise this raised seat for its mix of simplicity and sturdiness.

This particular model comes to portability, making it great for hotel stints or short trips. It gives seniors a sturdy, comfortable lift to provide them with full confidence when using the toilet.

It also provides up to 4 inches of elevation for their bathroom. This model is specially designed to fit a standard toilet bowl and does not install elongated toilets.

Key Features


· 2″ or 4″ higher than a standard toilet seat

· Easy tool-free installation

· Uses durable plastic for greater comfort

· provide a more comfortable and safer way

· elevates the tool 3.5 inches’ high

· Highly affordable price

· Offers a high level of comfort


· Provides safety

· Sturdy blow-molded plastic

· Lightweight and portable

· sturdy design

· ideal for travel

· easy to clean

· fit standard toilet seats


· the lid cannot be closed with this mode

· not compatible with elongated toilets

5 NOVA Toilet Seat Riser, Raised Toilet Seat

The NOVA Toilet Seat Riser adds stability and an elevation of 3.5 inches of height to help people with difficulty sitting down. It can easily handle a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

This model included all necessary hardware and durable blow-molded plastic to get a high level of comfort.

Nova boasts removable, padded arms that offer extra support while standing or sitting down. You can keep this model clean by wiping it with sanitizing wipes and warm soapy water for cleaning purposes. That’s why we recommend this to our list.

Key Features


· Item weight: 2.54 pounds

· great options in seats, cushions and support rails

· Made of durable blow-molded plastic

· includes all necessary hardware

· allows the original seat and lid

· Provides 3.5 inches of elevation for users


· prevent any disease or health condition

· Easy to install and use

· Comfortable and lightweight

· Offer easy cleaning

· prevent splitting for extended use

· Fits most standard toilets


· It is not returnable

· doesn’t fit an elongated toilet

Buying Guides

Things to consider before purchasing a new raised toilet seat:


You should find a product that makes getting in and off quickly and also prevents falling. A good raised toilet seats are firm and do not move or slip during use. It comes with legs and pads for extra support.

It is necessary for elders to be stable all the time, even when they are busy in the washroom.

All-new raised toilet seats assure excellent stability and give you a high level of comfort. This toilet seat is a perfect choice to avoid all risks of accidental falls and injuries.


It will help if you are looking for a strongly built unit. This can boast of sturdy and durable materials to handle the Weight of the user. It will not bend, crack, or break even when used by a heavy person.

It is made of Molded plastic, or polyethylene is a common material. These are lightweight but still very tough. The raised toilet kit is hygienic and easy to use. It can also carry the weight capacity of 250-300 lbs.


It is one of the most critical terms you should need to consider before purchasing. You must check those seat covers provides durability. Look for seat covers that ensure high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are Raised Toilet Seats Used?

These toilet seats are designed to make a common everyday task easier for individuals who mobility issues. It reduces the distance when you sit down on or stand up the toilet seat.

If your toilet seat is elevated a few inches, it can make a considerable difference for the elderly or individuals with knee problems.

How To Clean Raised Toilet Seat?

Elevated or raised toilet seats are relatively easy to clean. It would be best to use a mixture of bleach and warm water to wipe off the raised position and sanitize it periodically.

It does not recommend to use harsh chemicals on most raised seats, mostly if they are made of hard plastic as this can ruin the coating on the position.


A well-raised toilet seat lifts are adjustable and equipped with a frame of some sort. It also decreases the risk of falls or injuries. We have reviewed some raised toilet seats that currently available on the market.

Among them, we think Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat is the best-raised toilet seat.

We like it because it is the perfect choice for adults or people who face unhealthy situations when performing their bathroom activities. It is reliable, durable, and gives you more comfort as well as reduce pain when used.

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