5 Best Portable Bidet to Buy in 2020 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Best portable bidet

Bidets are a favorite thing in all over the world. It is used in America, Europe, Japan, and many other countries.

Best portable bidets provide super comfort and better cleaning. It is pretty standard than toilet paper.

It is helpful and useful for those, who have a medical condition, such as physically disabled people, pregnant ladies, injured person. Even if you are completely ok in the health condition, you can use this.

Initially, it is used for the sanitization purpose. It can give superb cleaning that is effective than toilet paper.

Best Portable Bidet Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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Toilet paper cannot give 100% hygiene. It also irritates the skin if low-quality items are used to make it. Purchasing toilet paper now and then can be a costly matter.

On the other hand, bidets are better. It is the best alternative to toilet paper.

In the question of health, a bidet is a useful object that is certified by many famous health experts. Portable type bidets are a beautiful thing in your every day using.

Maximum people want to enjoy the same facilities on the outside that they use in the home. But most of the time it is difficult and sometimes impossible.

The carryable or portable type bidet is helpful when you are in a camp, picnic, traveling outside the city.

Unfortunately, the product and its benefits are still unknown to many people, especially the portable type. But the people who know about it and its advantages never deny the importance of this item.

The potable category bidet is suitable both in the home and outside.

What is a portable bidet? How can it be possible to carry it easily?

Before giving the above answer first, I want to clear that bidet and toilet are not the same. Their function is different. Initially, you have to know the difference and purpose of these two.

In the modern bathroom, these two things are combined with user comfort and relaxation. But their activities are different. Bidets vary in categories and size. Some are designed like a full size, and some are made for smooth movement and carrying.

A portable bidet is a little bit different from the full-size bidet. It is like a bottle that consists of water.

5 Best Portable Bidet Reviews:

  • Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 Easy-to-use Portable Bidet with Convenient Nozzle Storage, Travel Bag, 400 ml Capacity, and Angled Nozzle Spray
  • BioBidet’s- The Palm | Handheld Personal Bidet, Portable, On-the-Go, Travel Bidet with 450ML Water Capacity, Extra Long Pointed Nozzle Spray with Travel Bag
  • Blue Bidet BB-20 Portable Bidet
  • panasonic portable bidet

1. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet GS-70 Easy-to-use Portable Bidet with Convenient Nozzle Storage, Travel Bag, 400 ml Capacity, and Angled Nozzle Spray:

It is a premium quality bio bidet. From the Gospa model, it is an excellent portable bidet. It is very affordable in price.

This can hold near about four hundred ml amount of water. It provides you with ample spray.

In the market, it is known as GS-70. This soft and squeeze type bottle do not need much water pressure to use.

So this can be more helpful for seniors or who recently had a significant operation in hand. The molded ring makes this object easy to grip.

The GS-70 includes one carrying bag for easy convenience.

It is full of useful features. It has only one drawback. The downside is, it cannot insulate. The warm water quickly turns cold. So it is a problem in the winter period.

But in the hot season, you do not see such a problem.

Except this, the GS -70 is an excellent item for everyone. I highly suggest it for end users.

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2. BioBidet’s- The Palm | Handheld Personal Bidet, Portable, On-the-Go, Travel Bidet with 450ML Water Capacity, Extra Long Pointed Nozzle Spray with Travel Bag:

The TP-70 is another popular and quality bio bidet. It is in the top position in the race of bidet competition.

The object is 5-inch longs. This 5-inch container can hold at least four hundred fifty ml liquid.

It is treated as the top bidet in the whole world. The portable unit is of high quality. Its nozzle is 7.5 inch and it will not break easily.

It is battery oriented. So you do not require enough pressure. Electrical power jet spray can do it for you. But never ignore to recharge the battery a certain period later.

Charging is not hard. You can charge it with a USB port.

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3. Blue Bidet BB-20 Portable Bidet:

This offers you an excellent Goldilocks Zone. Though it does not have a helping knob, you can control it easily. The container can hold a minimum of 300 ml of water.

It allows the second set of nozzle holes.

The people who love to travel they can consider this object as the best travel partner.

About the item:

1. Very reliable for traveling
2. Prevents discomfort fillings such as itching, irritation, infection.
3. Three nozzles. They are internal spray, external spray, nursing spray pad.
4. The Sonicare is 100 % perfect and suitable for campers, travelers

It is the best travel bidet.

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4. Panasonic portable bidet:

This fantastic product is made in Japan. It is an excellent one indeed.

A short view of the object:

1. It allows you a convenient cleaning
2. Two cleaning speeds
3. An adapter can be used for connecting long volume container

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A bidet is not only used for making your work accessible it keeps your hygiene.

How to use it?

Some bidet works by mechanical action. Some need a battery to operate.

For a particular medical purpose, the used bottles are full of many solutions. The container may contain hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, disinfectant, and many other chemicals.

You need to hold it in your hand. Then after finishing your job in the bathroom, you should aim nozzle for cleaning wastages.

But if you have still confusion if it works or not, then I want to assure you yes, it works. For better expectation, you can collect more quality products that contain unique features. Just you need to spend more money than the ordinary type.

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Portable bidet bottle:

Many types and sizes of portable bidet are available in the market that bottle able to contain water and assure an easy carrying.

Portable bidet spray:

A spray is the most essential and vital part of the bidet. For potable travel, portable bidet spray is reliable for washing.

For using any portable bidets correctly, a little bit of practice is essential. Otherwise, you may get wet.

Water wastage is another huge problem. You must keep in mind that the water supply is limited in these items.

Using bidet and make it a habit is doctors suggestion. Toilet tissues are ineffective in some case and may not be suitable for health. So bidet is the best option provided by health experts.

By selecting the best and premium class portable bidet and learning the working principle, you can efficiently deal with it. Assure yourself clean and hygiene even far from home.

Things to consider before purchasing Portable Bidet:


It would be big enough to spray water with enough pressure, ensuring you clean up nicely without using too much water. The angling is vital as it provides your bidet aims correctly without you having to manipulate the bottle too much.

Washing Modes

A battery-powered bidet offers two washing modes. A Low-Speed Mode uses less water at a gentle pressure, and High-Speed Mode for higher pressure uses more water. It comes at a higher price than a manual one that only has one washing mode.

Water Capacity

When traveling, you are conscious of space and want to carry essentials. A bidet with a large water capacity will occupy more space than its counterpart. If it comes with 400 ml capacity, it hits the sweet spot because it is neither too heavy nor too small.


Some travel bidets are more significant than others. If you’re limited on packing space or want a more discreet option, you should want to look at the more compact bidet options.

Manual or Electric

Manual bidets require you to squeeze your toilet water tank to generate water flow. At the same time, electronic options have a button to provide you with more relaxed and effortless cleaning experience.


Bidet bottles have different shapes and sizes. Slim bottles are more comfortable to hold for kids and might be easier to handle for individuals with gripping problems.

How to Install a Bidet Spray:

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