5 Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater – Reviews and Buying Guides [2020]

Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater - Reviews

Are you looking for the best outdoor tankless water heater? Don’t worry. This article will help you to find your required product.

In our article, we will analyze three types of tankless water heater like gas-powered, electric, and propane so that you can easily decide which type of heater you need among these.

The outdoor tankless water heater saves your space because it is installed outside on the wall of your house. It is energy efficient and minimizes your cost. 

But it is challenging to find the best outdoor tankless water heater because most of the products sold by different companies are of similar features.

Here in our article, we will review some products and give you guidelines to help you find the best model according to your needs.

5 Best Outdoor Tankless Water Heater:

1. Camplux 5L 1.32 GPM Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater (Best Portable Outdoor Water Heater)

The Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater is suitable for camping and family vacations. This is suitable for outdoor use, but it can be installed in well ventilated indoor place with Oxygen Depletion Sensor Protection. It is convenient to use and secure for outdoor setup.

You can get 1.32 gallons of hot water starting from 8-degree to 46-degree Celcius, per minute. It can work on low water pressure like 3.0 PS.

This particular model has two buttons one is for water flow, and the other is gas that is set on the control panel.

You can control the water flow quickly by pressing the on and off button. It includes hot water energy-saving feature that gives you an instant flow of boiling water.

This is a compact size device with a portable handle and perfect for travel. It is made of stainless steel with a tinning copper material water tank.

You can use it to wash a car, take a hot shower on camp-site, wash your dog or horse. The device is ignited with a 2 D cell batteries, so you can use it even electricity is not readily available. 

These are loaded heated resistance and corrosion resistance as well as provides safety. It does not occur any accidents or falls when install and use.

Key Features

  • Item Weight 14.11 pounds
  • Connect gas regulator and gas inlet brass fittings
  • Compact size with portable handle
  • The flow rate of 1.32 GPM
  • Cell-powered
  • Over-heat protection
  • Suitable for camping


  • Low Water Pressure
  • Convenient setup for outdoors
  • Portable
  • Highly efficient
  • Anti-freezing protection 
  • Offers oxygen depletion shut off protection
  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel


  • This model is suitable for outdoors only
  • Propane hose fitting is not tight

2. Rheem RTG-95XLN 9.5 GPM Low NOx for Outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater 

This is the most Powerful Tankless Water Heater manufactured by Rheem. Its flow rate is exceptionally high and reaches 9.5 gallons per minute as well. It can be used as commercial tankless water heaters as well as suitable for residential kitchen faucet. 

The Rheem tankless water heater provides a high flow rate and powerful performance.

It has a remote control system to easily control the water temperature from 120 degrees F to 140 degrees F.It can support three or four bathrooms at the same time.

This particular product is an energy-efficient natural gas tankless water heater that provides 94% energy saving and saves your money.

Its compact shape saves a lot of space and minimizes your heating bills. 

It is made of stainless steel and provides faster hot water. This particular model is eco-friendly as well.

Key Features

  • Low NOx for outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater
  • 9.5 GPM flow rate
  • output temperature up to 140 degrees F
  • Includes 10-Feet of thermostat wire
  • The perfect solution to heat your water in the home
  • Energy-efficient and space-saving design units
  • Made of Stainless steel 


  • Remote control system
  • Best tankless water heater outdoor gas
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Suitable for full house use
  • It can be used as a commercial product
  • Perfect for residential uses


Installation process is hard when install you need a professional to complete set up

3. Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater: Outdoor Installation

The Rinnai V Series HE Tankless Hot Water Heater is available in natural gas or propane. It offers high-efficiency, affordable, and comfort. It is suitable for medium-sized homes. It has a high flow rate that reaches 6.6 gallons per minute.

This particular model supports one to two bathrooms and kitchen faucets at the same time.

It is high-efficient without a tank water heater that provides 0.82 energy efficiency. These model saves much energy and minimizes your bills.

This is a compact size model that has a Control-R mobile app. you can set timers, schedule it throughout the day and even put it in vacation mode using a mobile app.

Key Features

  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • 10-year warranty
  • The hot water flow rate of 6.5
  • Offers 0.82 energy efficient
  • Low NOx design
  • Control-R 2.0 mobile app features timers and schedules
  • Uses 40% less energy than traditional tanks


  • Saves your valuable space
  • Affordable
  • Remote control system
  • Temperature control system
  • Perfect for middle-sized family
  • Noiseless heater
  • Works in cold weather
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • professional help needed for installation

4. iHeat Tankless S-14 240V 59A 14KW Stainless Steel Enclosure

This is an outdoor electric tankless water heater that is suitable for commercial kitchens, clinics, hospitals, and schools. It supports temperatures rise in a range between 80 and 140 degrees.

 It can not perform in cold weather; it is only suitable for warm weather.

The iHeat Tankless S-14 240V is a compact size whole house electric tankless water heater that saves your valuable space. 

It offers a heating capacity of 3.5GPM in warm temperatures and can be installed anywhere. The installation process is hard and required a professional to set up it. It has a waterproof interactive touchpad to quickly and safely control the temperature.

This outdoor water heater reduces your energy cost and saves your pocket money up to 60 percent. It has a waterproof interactive touchpad that controls the temperature.

Key Features

  • Heat tankless s series saves valuable space
  • Includes waterproof interactive touchpad
  • Offers a heating capacity of 3.5GPM in warm temperatures
  • 1-year Elements limited 3-Year Components 5-year leaks
  • Works great for shower and sink
  • Suitable for residential use
  • Electric outdoor water heater


  • Compact size
  • It saves 60% of water heating costs
  • Complete stainless Steel boasting
  • Installation is certified
  • Hot water flows within seconds
  • Output temperature is 140F


· It needs care in bad weather

5. Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater

If you are looking for a tankless water heater that is the portable, affordable price tag and does not fill your house with harmful gases, then Eccotemp L10 is the best for you. It saves your pocket money by reducing the heating bills.

This particular model is suitable for a small apartment house. The one thing is that you need to hire a licensed professional to install the heater.

This product is fully gas-powered as well saves space. It keeps your room fresh and clean. 

This item is lightweight and suitable for outdoor use. It has an electric ignition powered by 2 “D” cell batteries. It provides hot water quickly when you need it. It controls temperature and includes 20 minutes of automatic safety shut off timer. 

It is perfect for outdoor showers, camping, or bathing your pets. It works seamlessly with any showerhead and hose.

Key Features

  • Flow rate is 2.6 GPM
  • Rust-resistant chrome showerhead
  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • Compatible with 12 volts pumps
  • Comes with a gas regulator and hose
  • Includes 45-degree tilt-switch
  • Water operates with liquid propane only
  • Electric ignition powered by 2 “D” cell batteries


  • Portable
  • Stainless steel hose
  • Enhances safety
  • Durable
  • High-efficiency performance
  • It is lightweight for portability purposes
  • Cost-efficient
  • 80% energy efficient
  • No venting required for this model


  • Some people complained this water heater breaks down due to freezing lines

Buying Guides


Make a budget before you go shopping. The tankless water heater is a bit expensive product and available at many different prices. So you should check the quality.

Flow rate

If you have a large residential place with three to four bathrooms, then you will need a high flow rate that has two buttons.

One provides constant hot water, and the other is a gas-powered system. The small flow rate tankless water heater can be used directly for small families.

Before purchasing, you should choose a suitable flow rate machine according to your needs that saves much energy and money.


If you have an indoor propane water heater, then you can install it on any wall in your apartment. You can install it on the outside wall of your house that saves your space. If you have an outdoor water heater, you can install it easily on the wall.


When you buy a tankless water heater, the companies recommend that a licensed professional is needed to install it.

So you should pay the extra cost of hiring a contractor. If you install it by yourself, then you do not get any warranty.

Strong exhaust type

The outdoor tankless water heater will be installed on the outside wall near a bathroom. It forces wasted gas to be let out and enhances safety. So you must choose this type of water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is gas or electric tankless water heater worth it?

Tankless water heaters save your money in the long run, but initial costs are higher than other tank models. A gas storage water heater saves an average of $108 in energy costs per year over their traditional tank counterparts, while electric tankless heaters save $44 per year.

What is a gas water heater?

Ans: A gas storage water heater or gas water heaters are an easy choice for energy savings, performance, and reliability. It offers high energy efficiency and gives you long-lasting performance.

What is an Insulation Blanket?

An insulation blanket or water heater blanket wraps around your warm water heater to keep it from losing heat. It helps your water heater systems to maintain a consistent temperature.

How do you winterize a tankless water heater?

Shut down your water supply on the main shut-off valve. Open the taps so that it can drain and release the pressure from the plumbing system. Disconnect your incoming and outgoing water pipes from the tankless heater. Lastly, remove the inlet water filter.

What kind of maintenance does a tankless heater need?

 Tankless water heaters require less maintenance. Its system should be serviced as a part of the regular preventive care that heating and cooling systems receive. Electric or gas components should be inspected.

Why does my tankless water heater go cold?

Sometimes tankless water heaters can run into is a cold water sandwich because of sudden temperature fluctuations when your tankless heater produces hot and cold water intermittently. A dirty water filter can cause this on the cold water inlet.

Can anybody need a drain for a tankless water heater?

A well-known tankless brand requires a drain pan if the unit is installed where a leak can damage the home or building. Architects and engineers understand that when a tankless water heater reaches the end of its life, it will likely leak, just like a tank.


An outdoor tankless water heater saves your money and space. In this article, we reviewed gas, propane, and electric type water heater available on the market. 

Among them we think, Rheem RTG-95XLN 9.5 GPM Low NOx Outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater is the best.

It is a natural gas-powered water heater that provides a high flow rate and suitable for a full house. These are energy-efficient and saves your money by reducing heating bills. You can control its temperature according to your needs.

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