Best frost free sillcock

Best frost free sillcock

Dealing with water pipes can be difficult, especially when temperatures are low because water tends to change state from liquid to solid with cold climate.

If you use a frost-free sillcock, then you can stop water from freezing inside your pipes.

The good frost free sillcock is necessary where the temperatures drop to freezing points because water freezing in the pipes can cause the lines to crack or burst.

Frost-free sillcocks ensure there’s no still water in the freezing part of the pipes. It also prevents freezing and subsequent bursting of pipes.

A long inlet pipe or stem makes a sillcock frost-free. It is an outdoor hose bib with an inlet pipe of at least 6 inches. Some items are up to 14 inches long.

Here we included some frost-free sillcock that is available on the market. We also provide some necessary information to find the best frost free sillcock according to your needs.

Product Review Session:

1 Sharkbite 24628LF Frost Free Sillcock

The Sharkbite frost free sillcock has a push-to-connect design that allows you to fix pipes without a hassle. It requires no soldering, no crimping, and no glue.

This host connector inlet fits inside PEX, Copper, CPVC, and other such materials. It is made of a chrome-plated brass body and tube to protect the pipe from freezing.

This particular model includes a built-in hose Bibb for strength and a multi-turn shut off valve for cold weather draining. It protects against freezing temperatures.

This frost-free sillcock valve protects the faucet from potential back pressure and contaminated water flowing back into the main water line. It is easy to disassemble for changing fittings and can be rotated for easier installation in tight spaces.

Sharkbite 24628LF makes any plumbing project fast and easy with our unique push-to-connect technology. It is specially formulated O-ring compresses to create the perfect watertight seal.

This product includes safety features that can help you secure your plumbing system when things get chilly. It is versatile and is compatible with a wide variety of pipes.

Key Features


· Item Weight: 1 pound

· Anti-siphon frost free sillcock valve

· Use for Potable water and Hydronic Heating applications

· ensures a clean, leak-free connection

· Includes a built-in hose bibb for strength

· Stands up to 200 psi water pressure

· Comes in 8 to 18-inches size option

· fits inside PEX, Copper, CPVC, and other such materials


· Corrosion-resistant

· Durable design

· Suitable for commercial and residential plumbing applications

· prevent any potential back-siphonage

· removes rough edges and debris

· easy to install

· used on a wide variety of pipes


· The valve chips off easily

2 Homewerks VFF-ASP-C19PA Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

The Homewerk frost free sillcock comes to plumbing tools that offer high-quality freeze protection to make your pipe protected from freezing temperatures. It is a corrosion-resistant as it is constructed with highly forged brass.

This product is made with premium quality forged brass that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

This can also keep your pipes safe throughout winter without cracking or malfunctioning from the inside. It ensures worry-free when the weather gets frosty.

Homewerks Frost Free Sillcock is a 12-inch unit that is specially designed to protect your pipes from freezing. It has an easy to use quarter-turn handle that provides you with a convenient on and off function.

Homewerks is compatible with a standard size exterior hose pipe. It includes a sturdy design that prevents corrosion and rust.

Key Features

· 3 Year Limited Warranty

· eliminates backflow of water


· Includes 12-Inch in length

· Item Weight: 1.4 pounds

· Anti-Siphon Frost Free Sillcock

· Strong built quality


· corrosion-resistant

· freeze-proof

· Easy installation process

· Efficient operational features

· Compact design

· Durable construction


· It should be jam after long time use.

3 Prier P-164D12 Frost Free Anti-Siphon Outdoor Hydrant

Prier frost proof sillcock is made of dense cast brass patterns, copper tubing with stainless steel, and aluminum accessories. This hydrant is designed, built, and tested to last for the life of your plumbing system.

The company offers eight different residential models with as many as seven standard inlet options. It includes a soft-grip operating handle for smooth operation in wet conditions or cold weather.

This particular model offers traditional rising stem design for simple maintenance and years of life.

It is blending different corrosion-resistant elements to create one tough frost-free sillcock. It saves your money by reducing high water bills.

This sillcock is installed correctly; the possibility of getting a leakage will be minimal. It includes a full valve that cuts water supply completely.

This heavy cast brass used in designing the body remains crack-free even when the temperatures are not favorable. That’s why we recommend this to our list.

Key Features

· Item Weight: 2 pounds

· ASIN: B0051966QW

· offers eight different residential models

· Made in the USA

· Includes Anti-siphon technology

· built and tested to last for the life of your plumbing system

· Made of a brass body with a nickel-plated coating


· Easy installation process

· Rubberized handle for maximum grip

· Can withstand cold environments

· Can be installed without soldering

· Powder coating for rust prevention

· allows easy handling


· this can leak after a few years of installation

4 Midline Valve 8434P Sillcock Pipe Chrome Plated Brass Body Frost

The Midline Valve Sillcock Pipe Chrome Plated Brass Body Frost comes with a structural design made of high-quality brass, a chrome plating finish. It delivers both strength and beauty.

This particular model is corrosion and rust-resistant, so you will use it for a long time without making replacements.

It is safe for domestic and industrial plumbing. This model ensures the unit is well protected from the agents of rusting.

Midline frost-free sillcock has a large valve handle made of plastic; the grip is also relatively stable, such that adjusting the water to different flow levels is a piece of cake. Its handle has a multi-turn design to turn it both ways for full freeze-proof flow.

Key Features

· Includes Sillcock Outdoor Faucet


· Item Weight: 2.56 Pounds

· large and comfortable plastic handwheel valve

· frost free sillcock pipe length is measured 10 inches

· suitable for pressure use of up to 150 PSI for water, oil, and gas

· can be attached with a hose for water supply flow


· the installation process is super easy

· Prevent Contaminated Water from Flowing Back

· More Durable than Ordinary Hose bibs

· Drip and Leak Proof

· Freeze-proof seacock pipe


· No cons yet

5 Woodford 17CP-8-MH Model 17 Wall Faucet (best outdoor faucet)

The Woodford sillcock is designed for residential outside water service applications. It keeps your exterior water running year-round regardless of the temperature fluctuations.

Woodford model 17 is a robust and corrosion-free handle that will look great for years. This frost-free spigot is made of steel, with some stainless steel parts, such as the nozzle, for added resilience.

These wall hydrants make the installation a piece of cake. It is super easy to replace the existing hose bib.

This model is crafted from steel, die-cast aluminum, and other quality materials for strength. It includes powder coating for rust prevention. That’s why we recommend this to our list.

Key Features

· Prevent Pipes from Bursting

· Use Outdoor Faucets in Winter

· Item Weight: 1.41 pounds

· ASIN: B001C234CG

· designed for residential outside water service applications

· Powder-coated, die-cast aluminum handle


· prevent leaking

· eliminates wire draw

· durable

· easy to install

· versatile

· freeze proof hose bib


· It is expensive

Buying Guides

What should I consider when purchasing a sillcock?

Below these things to consider before purchasing a new frost-free sillcock:

Ease of installation

Most units require glue or soldering to install. But some better models, such as those from Sharkbite, are push to fit, making the installation quick and super fast and reducing the number of tools needed for the installation.


Frost-free hose bibs are to stand some of the worst weather. It should be durable and resistant to cracking and, at the same time, corrosion-resistant.

Durable elements like die-cast aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, offer these benefits. The sturdiness of the material also determines longevity.


Frost-free sillcocks are available in a range of sizes. There are three sizes to look at the length of the inlet pipe, which should go with the wall thickness where the installation will take place, the inlet pipe’s diameter, and the width of the outlet.

Water Pressure Absorbance

A low absorbance hose bib will not be durable if you install it on a high-pressure pipeline. So, we recommend using the standard models to withstand around 150 to 200 PSI water pressure.

Handle Design

The handle should be easy and convenient to turn. And, it should have a smooth surface that doesn’t give you blisters. Consider also the number of turns it takes to go from entirely on to off and vice-versa.

Easy to Install

Nobody wants to hire a professional to install a sillcock. For installing sillcocks by yourself, you should make sure that the model is easy to install. We have found the Sharkbite products are the best in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Does anyone need to Turn off the water outside in the cold weather?

If you installed the right frost-free hose bibs, you don’t have to. You can maintain the water supply for the whole year by installing these affordable devices.

To ensure safety, make sure you have correctly shut the valve after the use, remain vigilant for any leaks or drips, and drained all the remaining water from the pipe.

At what temperature do pipes freeze?

It depends on the type of pipes that you have. Few pipes are well insulated, so it takes longer to freeze when the temperature falls below 20 degrees F.

Can a sillcock crack if the temperature is low?

It is made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand low temperatures. If you are using a high-quality sillcock, then cracking is very minimal.

Can I Use Outdoor Faucets in Winter?

Yes, you can do this. But it is necessary to have a frost-free faucet installed. When the water is protected from any leak or drip, you can use the outdoor tap in the winter too.

Is it Difficult to Install a Frost-free model?

No, frost-free faucet offers a super easy installation process. Most of the company makes the frost-free sillcocks so that an ordinary person can install the tap without any problem.


The right frost-free sillcocks are not for use only during the winter. You can also use them all year round. We included some frost-free model that is currently available on the market.

Among them, we think Sharkbite 24628LF Frost Free Sillcock is the best frost free sillcock. We like it because it offers a super easy installation process.

It is more durable compare to other standard products. This model gives you long-lasting performance and saves your money by reducing the high water bills.