5 Best Elongated Toilet Seat of 2021 [Review and Buying Guide]

Best elongated toilet seat

The best elongated toilet seat is one hinged unit. It contains an oval or a round type open seat.

It is locked up with the toilet bowl of the toilet. Some elongated toilets provide a lid.

It covers the toilet when it is not using. It prevents any unwanted particle from falling into it.

However, most of the public toilets you never find this kind of cover. You can use the lid as a seat.

Comparatively a toilet is the most useable household thing. So the seat of a toilet should be durable. It should have enough withstand power. It will not move every time you sit on it or get up.

5 Best Elongated Toilet Seats Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Elongated Toilet Seats Reviews:

  • Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat featuring Slow-Close, Easy Clean & Change Hinges and STA-TITE Seat Fastening System, Elongated, White, 148SLOWA 000/1848SLOWA 000
  • KOHLER K-4695-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood with Color-Matched Plastic Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat, White
  • Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic Toilet Seat, Elongated, White
  • American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat, White
  • TOTO Washlet C100 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Pr01eMist, Cotton White – SW2034#01

1. Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat featuring Slow-Close, Easy Clean & Change Hinges and STA-TITE Seat Fastening System, Elongated, White, 148SLOWA 000/1848SLOWA 000:

In the toilet seat industry, the Mayfair is a trustable name. It is the best choice for the conscious consumer.

The extraordinary features are providing numerous benefits to the users. It includes easy cleaning method and twist hinges.

This is made of sturdy melted wood.

It shows no compromise in operation. This renowned Mayfair gives the best service.

The hinges provide an excellent glossy finish. It can protect scratching and chipping.

You can easily remove the twisted type hinges easily when you need to clean the toilet or any other purpose.

The cleaning process of Mayfair is straightforward. So you face no difficulties to wash it. It gives you an aesthetic look to the washroom. It is superb in design and style.

Different colors are available in this model. You get white, Ibone or may biscuit color. The easy installation, easy cleaning, super performance makes the Mayfair a reliable product in the market.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all elongated toilets
  • superior high-gloss finish
  • Durable enameled wood seat
  • Come with STA-TITE fastening System
  • Made in the USA
  • eliminate slamming and pinched fingers


  • Earth friendly materials
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Seat slowly closes
  • 1 Gallons per Hour
  • Elegant design


  • Hard to install
  • Not suitable for heavy people

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2. KOHLER K-4695-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood with Color-Matched Plastic Hinges Round-front Toilet Seat, White:

The item is simple in design but excellent in features. The outstanding performance takes it to the first line of competition.

Stable molted wood is used to form it. The wood component gives it a stable and robust look. It is adjustable in the most rounded toilet.

It can assure the consumer a durable performance and comfort. So this luxurious brand is more popular with the elderly client.

You will also enjoy the straightforward set-up and smooth cleaning ability. The product is available in various color and shape. I highly recommended it to people who are seeking a proper elongated toilet seat.

Key Features

  • Included Color-matched plastic hinges
  • Round-closed front seat
  • Compatible with one and two-piece bowls
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Molded wood material
  • Stain, chip, and fade resistant


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • durable polypropylene plastic
  • easy to install
  • affordable price tag
  • provides comfort and stability


  • Only suitable for elongated toilet bowls

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3. Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic Toilet Seat, Elongated, White:

To make it high-class, sturdy type of plastic is applied. However, it is different from the usual plastic component.

Ordinary plastic tends to break down quickly. This plastic is different from others. It does not have that problem.

After installation, you never need to readjust it. Imagine how stable it is!

So I suggest it useful because it is fantastic in performance.

Key Features

  • Earth friendly materials
  • Perfectly fit with all elongated toilets
  • Commercial Fastening System
  • Made of injection molded solid plastic
  • Provide a wide variety of designs


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-corrosive plastic screws
  • Easy installation process
  • prevent slamming
  • Long lasting comfort


Available in white only

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4. American Standard 5325.010.020 Champion Slow Close Elongated Toilet Seat, White:

American standard is A renowned Company.

It is made of plastic. Various colors are offering this company. Every model of this brand can seek consumer attention.

This seat is very comfortable.
Elderly or disables person will have no problem sitting on it.

Key Features

  • Made of Vitreous china material
  • Slow Close Toilet Seat
  • Limited 10-year Warranty
  • Solid plastic seat with cover
  • Easy lift off cleaning
  • Suitable for a variety of bathroom decors


  • Come with quick removal and easy cleaning
  • attractive seat coordinates
  • easy to install
  • Long-lasting toilet seat
  • Offers extra comfort


  • Not suitable for heavy people

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5. TOTO Washlet C100 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with Pr01eMist, Cotton White – SW2034#01:

It is luxurious in design. If you are searching for a luxurious class toilet seat, then think about this model.
You can get the desired comfort and relaxation from this luxurious brand.

It perfectly fixes with the elongated shape.

It nicely adjusts with the temperature.

You will find dual action and oscillating spray.

Overall The Toto is premium in class and superb in service. It will fulfill your requirements and satisfy you.

Key Features

  • Come with Warm Air Dryer
  • powerful water spray provides an effective clean
  • One Year Limited warranty
  • Electronic bidet seat
  • Reduces the need for toilet paper


  • The heated seat provides extra comfort
  • creates a refreshing clean every time
  • ensures a hygienic and refreshing experience
  • air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors
  • hands-free experience


  • Hard to install

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Why you need it:

Many people do not think so much about these kinds of item. However, it deserves extra attention and maintenance. You need to select the best washroom item for use. You must realize the importance of this.

Selecting the proper type of seat for the toilet is essential. It can provide you with the highest stage of comfort. It will also help you to maintain a correct sitting posture.

A good toilet seat is more beneficial to the seniors and for the patient. A pregnant woman also needs a proper type of toilet seat.

Some people love to spend more time in the washroom. Playing the video game, reading a newspaper, singing in the bathroom is their habit.

They want to make this room more relaxable place to them. So collecting proper toilet item especially perfect toilet seat is essential for them.

Usually, two types of toilet seats are used by all users. One is a round shape design, and the other is an elongated design. The circular form is an old model. This is a traditional design.

On the other hand, the elongated design toilet is ergonomic. It is considered a modern style. According to your washroom size and the toilet shape, you should select the seat quality.

Fortunately, now the maximum toilet is formed in such a way that it can deal with both round and elongated size. Now a day the elongated categories seats are more popular with the consumer.

The maximum consumer wants to have the superior type elongated seat to use. However, it is not easy to find the correct item. To get the right type of seat, you need to gather enough information about products.

What makes a good class toilet set?

If you ever used the lousy type seats, then you can realize the essentiality of a quality product. The most significant benefit of these kinds of seat is the comfort. The person who spends so much time willingly or unwillingly deserves happiness.

The old and sick people also need a comfortable seat.

In the cold area or the winter season, a good seat keeps the user bottom warm. The user also gets the perfect sitting posture. As a result, he or she can be free from glut pain, back pain.

What kinds of problems come from the lousy class toilet seat?

  • When you go to the seat, then you find that error. It has the habit to wiggle.
  • The weak seats tend to crack down quickly.
  • It makes the user an uncomfortable feeling.
  • The patient, disabled people, and the old people find many problems with it.

How to get the best class seat on the toilet? Which is the best toilet seat to buy?

  • The seat will attach to the toilet quickly.
  • It gives the maximum level of comfort. It will make of environment-friendly material.
  • You can also find a comfortable cleaning facility. You can easily wash and keep the tool clean.
  • It will be durable in quality. It can serve a long time services.
  • You can easily maintain and operate it. You never see it will wiggle. It never cracks down.

Are wooden toilet seats hygienic?

You get many merits from a wooden type seat. The problems are silly and tolerable.

The wooden type seats actively prevent germs and bacteria. The durability of the wooden seats is relatively higher than any other type of toilet seat.

However, if you fail to collect durable wood from the right tree, then you cannot form a durable product.

So the best type of wood needs to be used for making a wooden toilet seat.

Best quality padded or cushioned toilet seat:

The padded categories seat is better than the unpadded seat. However, the controversy is between the padded and cushioned seat. It is difficult to certify which is better.

Both two seats can deliver a significant level of services.

Everyone likes the padded type. On the other hand, the cushion is liked by the most luxury lover people.

What are the processes to set-up a sanitary seat?

The set-up process is not hard. You can easily install it.

Every toilet contains nut behind it. First, you need to unscrew to remove the lid and the other parts. Then take your desired seat. Fix it. Screw this to make it stable.

The condition is maintaining the correct measurement. Remove the previous ordinary seat and replace the new one.

In summary, the seat that can be capable of providing a user comfort will be the best class toilet seat.

How to replace Elongated Toilet Seat:

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